Facebook evolves Paper; investors favour the move with “like”

Facebook, the leading social media is expanding its cash-rich social networking system and is expected to soon secure the older media shops that have been dropping their market positions to its statuses from the last 10 years. The profiting giant recently declared a new app for iPhone that is amusingly called Paper. iPhone users will get access to this app from Feb. 3 on the iTunes Store. Paper is also cited to team up with Facebook’s newsfeed with trimmed content and informative stuff from partner sites like The Huffington Post and The New York Times etc.

How Do iPhone 5, 5C & 5S differ from each other?

Right since the launch of the first generation of iPhone, this smart phone from Apple has captured everyone’s imagination. While the fans can’t stop blabbering about it, the people who haven’t bought the phone yet can’t defy its credentials either. This debate further stirred up recently when Apple came up with three variations of its coveted 5th generation of iPhone. iPhone 5, 5C and 5S are the three phones that the users can choose from.

Best 7 Web Domains will be live Today

From today (Jan. 29), best seven from hundreds of fresh line-up of generic web domains – the suffixes that are seen on the right side of the dot in a domain address – will turn on. If everything clicks as per the plans, hundreds of unseen domains will release during this whole year benchmarking the never seen growth of web domains since the existence of Internet till time.

Reports suggest that Samsung may release ‘Galaxy Glass’ in near future

Samsung, the current smartphone leader is about to jump in the wearable device business with new smart eyewear that is similar to competitor’s Google Glass. The Korean giant is reportedly talked to bring out a new Galaxy Glass during the IFA event held in September 2014. The so called Galaxy Glass may own capabilities to connect to the user’s smartphone and show him call details, notifications along with abilities to entertain user via music, social media etc., says recent reports from Korea Times suggesting hidden Samsung officials.

Google now gives players to enjoy web-based Lego playing

What’s more delightful than enjoying endless Lego sets? And that too, without having the fear to step on them or losing any single part of set. Google helps players to do so with its new browser-driven Lego games. Chrome enables players to build any of their favourite object on PC without any physical involvement of blocks. It is completely web-based so that bricks lovers can play them on screen without any purchase.

Reports reveal that Apple wishes to launch two bigger iPhones in this year

Apple’s very first revolutionary device may get its new improved edition this year. As per WSJ, the iPhone maker is planning to bring in new iPhones with big screens where one will exceed 4.5 inches diagonally and the other over 5 inches. The reports of new iPhones are continued from quite time now, with the news suggesting for such phones in progress in 2013. Reportedly both these phones will own bodies of metal but may lack curvaceous screens, something that was cited by another firm. The smaller one amongst two phones is actively being considered for bulk production.

WhatsApp enjoys 430 million users now with transit of 50 billion messages every day

WhatsApp is the most popular instant communication mode that majority of users are favouring presently. Thus, it may not shock you to listen that the company has successfully achieved a great new mark today. There are now more than 430 million users globally who are using this instant messaging technology. With user base as huge as this, it is very obvious to have a giant transit of messages to manage. The figure reportedly boasts of a mighty 50 billion.

Use WordPress As An Efficient CMS

WordPress is developer friendly and easy to install. This framework is famous majorly as it takes only few minutes to get installed. WordPress gets quickly installed as compared to any other open source platform in the web development sector. It is available from internet. The developer just needs to download the package and make the necessary settings. After downloading it is unzipped, uploaded and the file configuration is changed to run and install it further.

Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast, and Roku 3 are battling to gain top place in Streaming market

Entertaining through flawless fluid videos and movies on the latest devices is the buzz amongst the present generation. It makes no sense to waste huge amount of time in waiting for videos to buffer or download on the computer and then watch the play half-heartedly when the time boasts of tech services offering you with full HD videos on your smart TV or devices. Best and the most simplest option is to opt for streaming services on your TV via a set top box and Apple TV or a Roku is almost the right option to enjoy such services.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 boost launched lately

Update finally comes for the Surface Pro 2 after a long time. After the covered time frame for users with no clarity expected, Microsoft has at last uncovered the much awaited Surface Pro 2 boost that will be promising the solutions to the issues occurred while a December firmware launch. Earlier users craved for a clear time as when they could have the update, and they now have it ultimately.

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