5 Essential Factors to be considered before Hiring a PHP Web Development Company

Online marketing has transformed the way businesses offer their services and how customers find the best reliable deals for them. With this, a website has become a necessity for every business in this era, where PHP-based websites are considered to be the most successful ones in this context. This has given rise to a plethora of companies offering PHP web development services, where the factors discussed below can help you find the best firm suitable for your business.

The new ASP.NET MVC 5.2 offers extensive features for developing robust applications

ASP.NET is a distinguished development framework from Microsoft, known for its potential to build web site and web pages with HTML, JavaScript, server scripting and CSS. This framework is dependent on 3 programming models, including web forms, web pages and MVC (Model View Controller), out of which the MVC model is the most popular one. The MVC framework or a development model uses the Model-View-Controller design to build web applications. The application core is signified by the Model, the view carries out the function of displaying data and the input to the database is controlled by the controller.

A comprehensive guide to the amazing features of Java 8

With continuous developments and upgrades, Oracle has launched the most awaited release of the new version – Java 8 with the new development kit for it. This latest version from the company is comprised of several inciting features that are available on both the language as well as the JVM level. In fact, many experts believe that these new features have exceeded their expectations. Although a number of features have been put on hold to be released in the next version, a huge range of others is made available with this release.

Everything you need to know about the PHP Laravel framework

Laravel is a web application framework that is available to the PHP web developers under an open-source license and is offered free of cost. This framework is mainly designed to support the development of web applications based on the MVC (Model View Controller) model. It has been termed as the most popular framework among the PHP developers, followed by Symfony2, CodeIgniter, Phalcon and others. This framework offers a wide range of tools and features and is backed by a huge community of developers and enthusiasts.

Prestashop – An Advance and Feature Rich Ecommerce Solution

PrestaShop, launched in 2007, is an open-source software that contains a range of tools required to create an online shop. This is a robust shopping cart of a professional grade, which can be downloaded, installed and used without paying any charges. The back end of this tool comprises of numerous features that can be used for the real time management of the inventory, customers, orders and shipping.

Tips to Boost Your Mobile App Conversion Rate in Next Few Minutes

Mobile devices with active internet package are a new trend today. Rather than saying a mobile device, smart phone will be the right word to use. Every seven out of ten individuals now own a smart phone just because of ease to access internet packs. People are rapidly being dependent on smart phone usage. Developers compete within themselves for designing the best, innovative and user-friendly apps for smart phones or tablets. However, designing an app is just half of the part. The second half is its marketing and success.

Predictions For Microsoft’s New Launch: Windows Threshold (8.2)

Launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft was an evolution that brought major changes in its platform and user interface. It aimed to give the users an enriched experience over tablets in competition with Android and iOS operating system. The mainstream change that Microsoft brought was its Start menu that displayed updated contents in a dynamic grid style. This has received both positive and negative reviews from the users. On October 17, 2013, Windows 8.1 was released that eradicated all the limitations highlighted by reviewers for Windows 8.

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