Leveraging IoT in Daily Life

Now I am assuming you are very much familiar with the concepts of IoT, elements & architecture of IoT and the devices & technologies associated with IoT. In this article, lets discuss and see how can we leverage IoT and apply to our daily routine to assist us.

Understanding Devices and Technologies Associated with IoT

In my previous blogs, we understood the IoT concept and the elements & architecture of IoT. In this part, we will discuss about IoT devices and some of the technologies associated with IoT.

Building Blocks of IoT

So now that we know what the Internet of Things is. Let’s go further inside to explore the building blocks of IoT.

Top Mobile Application Development Trends in 2016

Mobile Apps have expanded so much in the last couple of years that today, users can do everything on a Smartphone…

Understanding the Basics of IoT

The latest euphoria in Technology world today, IoT – Internet of Things! This is not a concept but it is a revolution in technology world and it is even larger than the industrial revolution !
So now question rises in mind, what is IoT exactly ?
In this blog let us have a basic look inside this technology to know what IoT is and why technology world is so enthusiastic about it.

Things to Consider before Commencing your Apple Watch App Development Project

Apple Watch is the new trend, and it has got people talking. Everyone’s excited about the various features and functionalities that this watch promises to the users. For the users, it is a product that is extremely personal for them. It allows them to communicate with people and entertain themselves in an instant. Receiving and making phone calls, receiving and responding to notifications, accessing maps, tracking your daily activity, and more is all just the raise of a wrist away.

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