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Apple Watch App Development – A New Way To Be Creative

Apple Watch

Technology is changing at a very brisk pace. Earlier, our definition of technology used to be a large box that would perform some tasks for us. However, that has completely transformed now. As desktops gave way to laptops and laptops to tablets, we have realized that developers are increasingly managing to offer sophisticated technology tools in sleek packaging and smaller forms.

About Apple Watch

One of the prime examples of sleek technology in the twenty first century is that of Apple Watch. It is one of the most spoken about technologies in the recent times and everyone is waiting to know what that technology would actually have for the users. From what we are hearing, it is believed that the device would run on iOS 8 and would be closely connected with iPhone 6.

So, what is the Apple watch expected to do? Many believe that it would track your health and fitness. While iOS has come up with HealthKit and HomeKit for its mobile devices, the Apple Watch will get up, close, and personal with you. It will be connected to your wrist in a way. This would make it simpler for the watch to track your health. Moreover, the fact that it can be worn like a watch increases its mobility too. Hence, it might be able to tell you about such things as the number of steps you jobbed or walked, the distance that you travelled, the path that you opted for, and even some biometric related information.

Opportunity for iOS App Developers

New technologies certainly bring many opportunities with them and Apple watch is expected to do the same. Application developers will have the opportunity of being creative and coming up with something that will work seamlessly with this device and its objectives. Given that it works on iOS, the application developers already know a lot about the platform. However, the size of the device and its purpose are completely different. That is where app developers would have to put their act together and aim to create something that suits Apple Watch.

In Apple watch app development, the developers need to consider working with a range of different facets of the device. Firstly, they need to understand and be able to effectively use SIRI Voice. As many know, SIRI is Apple’s smart phone assistant. Given that users might be communicating with the watch while exercising, walking or jogging; it is imperative that they can interact with the device in a hands-free mode. That is where SIRI comes into the picture and developers need to make efficient use of it.

The GPS navigation technology can be utilized constructively to develop a great app too. As mentioned earlier, Apple Watch might navigate the path that the users took. Application developers might consider developing applications that can enhance that role of the Apple Watch. In that endeavor, it will be absolutely imperative to make use of the GPS navigation.

NFC powers mobile payment and applications can be weaved around that technology too. That is certainly the case if the applications are going to be paid for.

Hence, there is immense opportunity. All that one needs to do is be creative while developing applications and come up with something that suits the actual purpose of the device.

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