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Google Acquires SlickLogin, A Sound-Based Password Alternative


Google enhances its users’ scope as recently it purchased SlickLogin – a new Isaraeli company. This step would ensure that the web giant’s users’ accounts are safer and secured than earlier.

Obviously, tech competitors jump very often to grab start-up companies for their expansions, innovative products, so there is no 100% assurance that the search giant will stick on with SlickLogin’s exclusive dual step verification feature. That would be disgraceful as it looks if there is some great fix to a complex security issue.

That would be a shame, because it seems like a pretty smart solution to a tricky security problem. Now, Google has a dual step verification method that is something like – User submits username and password, and after that user receives a numerical code via message, a voice call or via the app. When this code is entered by the user, the entire process is over.

This is some additional process that makes it more complex to reach at your final destination. It was noticed that the majorly used usual password unzipped during a hack in last year was 123456, it’s protected to cite that most users do not wish to proceed with an additional effort to secure their accounts.

SlickLogin needs more efforts other than the dual step verification process. The plan is to enable the user to sign into a website with their username and password where finally the computer would erupt a high-frequency noise that human-beings are not able to listen. But, obviously the new-edge devices can. They identify the signal and give a message again to the computer to match the user’s status.

The single process required by user is to hold the device near to his/her computer. There is no requirement to open-up or put a code of any type. Dual step identification process is not a safety remedy, but seeing the quantity of latest high-end hacks – any step that can help in making the process short and simple is a better job.

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