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Meet the WooCommerce Plugin Improving Customer Experience While Online Shopping

WooCommerce Plugin

WeblineIndia is constantly launching new WooCommerce plugins and making updates to help improve the web. On 4th March 2015, Weblineindia has launched a new version of WOO stickers plugin for WordPress.

In today’s era, online shopping is increasing very rapidly. Our tech experts have created a WooCommerce Plugin to be integrated with WooCommerce which is useful to improve the customer experience while shopping by providing stickers for New Products, On Sale products, Sold-Out products and moreover, these can be easily configured from the admin panel without any extra effort.

The WooCommerce plugin is compatible with all the WordPress Themes & tested upto 4.1.1 (Require 3.5 or higher) version of WordPress.

Here is a Full List of Features:

For more details kindly visit or visit the plugin directory to download this WooCommerce plugin.

Let us know your thoughts and your experience in the comments below.

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