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Phpstorm 8 Release: What PhpStorm Brings For Developers This Time?

Phpstorm 8

PhpStorm by JetBrains is a cross platform and commercial IDE for PHP, which is constructed on JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA platform. It offers an editor for HTML, PHP, and JavaScript with the error prevention, on the fly code investigation and automated refactorings for JavaScript and PHP code. JetBrains is popular for the premature access platform on the IDEs they create, which is a pre-release edition of the IDE. It is made available for the public ahead of time of the release. This gives people a chance to examine it, report errors and bugs and also offer feedback so that the changes will include by the JetBrains.

What is PhpStorm 8?

It acts like Beta, only not the beta people used in recent times. PhpStorm 8 is the most recent version of the PhpStorm, the favorite IDE of many people all over the world. Currently, the latest version of the PHP IDE is available on the web in order to download and use. With this released version, developers can meet their needs, who are working with developing and proven web technologies and methods, for both back and front end development. This carries out still even more revolutionary technologies and techniques to assist developers in taking the pleasure of web development with deepest ever highly developed support and code understanding for remote environments. Have a look at some of the features that are added in the latest version of the PhpStorm, mentioned below:

Support to PHP language

There are so many additions being included in the PHP language feature:

Behat made PHP’s BDD simple

With this latest version, a developer can do BDD (Behavior Driven Development). It is made possible with the existence of Behat BDD framework assistance. You can take one step further and start writing human readable stories, describing the actions of your application. Behat support includes configuration and installation helpers, Run Configuration and Behat Intellisense.


There are some additions made in the frameworks. Blade template engine is completely supported that includes directive code completion, blade syntax highlighting in template files and many others. There is also a presence of a WordPress Plug-in that offers features such as Integration feature for new plug-ins and current projects, code style, evolution environment configuration, integration with the command line tool of the WordPress, that is, WP-CLI. As Drupal 8 is going to be released in the market soon, this latest version of PhpStorm is already available with complete support for it.

It also supports other previous versions of Drupal such as hooks, auto configuration, and navigation. Drupal Symfony2 Bridge Plug-in carries out the various features that are specific to symfony2 in order to get benefited of the PhpStorm 8. It is important to keep in mind that this updated version supports all of the major frameworks, including plugins related to third party frameworks that involve Laravel, CakePHP, Magento, and Symfony2 and so on.

Stay with trending web technologies

With the PhpStorm 8, you will be able to keep up with the latest web technologies. You can make use of the highly developed support of this version for the famous AngularJS framework. You can also use Grunt, which is a task runner for the JavaScript, can automate various tasks while developing an app. There is also an existence of Cordova or PhoneGap integration via a plug-in so that it can implement run and match commands with the latest Run configuration of the PhoneGap/Cordova.

Remote PHP Interpreters

With the remote PHP interpreter, you can run an application. You can also run PHP based tools on a creation like environment, whether it is a virtualized production server or a real one. In this manner, you will be able to ensure that the application is completely deployed to the creation, without any kind of inconsistencies. PhpStorm8 is capable of treating a remote interpreter like a local one. Whether you have configured remote PHP interpret using Vagrant, SSH credentials or deployment, configuration, you can make use it for running, debugging and testing purposes. The latest version also features, debugging, testing and Zend Server z-Ray.

IDE Enhancements

There are some other improvements that are added to this version. Take a look at some of them:

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