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Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Piles of technologies surround us from long and they certainly stand at their point. But, new time demands speedy results, faster development and brilliant innovations. How is this possible if you are tangled in heavy data applications that cater to millions of humans across the globe with slow paced structures? Problem doesn’t end here. Practically software programmers drive on a long everlasting bumpy ride while dealing with weird combinations of languages and technologies. Simple & clean is the new cool buzz that every software programmer wants. Modern web applications and structures are built brilliantly with such cool technology – Ruby on Rails (RoR).

History of Ruby on Rails

It is just a little more than a decade when Ruby on Rails was launched as an open source in July 2004. Eventually, with its successful achievements, the framework became widely famous. Newer editions released later on with enhanced modules, optimized formats and more power-packed server. Offshore Software Programmers got to use innovative versions with the improved RoR editions.

Experience the modern clean platform and create unusual products.

Current century’s web app development imposes complex processes that requires daunting efforts from the programmer. What if building such tremendous apps could be simple and better? Ruby on Rails is the final answer for plethora of web development projects which are in demand by clients today.

Explaining Ruby

Very few were aware of Ruby’s dominance before Rails complimented it for website development and application development. So, before jumping to Rails let’s throw some light on its main base – Ruby and understand its sure shots.

Merger of various dominant elements makes Ruby and so Ruby is:

Favors on Ruby do not end here and thus has gained wide popularity all over the world.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is like ‘heaven-sent’ for both the worlds – software programmers / developers and the businesses / clients. They surely don’t have to bet upon performance, efficiency or versatility in their final RoR products. Quite a good choice to select on for modern web project needs. But, one should learn more on how, when and why Ruby on Rails should be chosen.

Here are few points that throw light on the ‘How’, ‘When’ and ‘Why’ RoR platform should be your next thing.


Overall, when this technology is ideally chosen for large scale websites, the returns are much higher than expected. Ruby on Rails aids coders in such an exclusive way that it is very tricky to explain to the ‘mundane crowd’. For programmers, it is a boon and they are very happy with its superabundant offerings.

When should you choose Ruby on Rails?

There are people who are almost always in a confused state while picking up their product’s technology. With our experience in this field since a long time, we can guide you for sure when you can ideally use RoR.


When you should doubt giving a shot for Ruby on Rails?

Well, admiring this loved framework is good but we would want you to give a glance at few flaws of Ruby on Rails. Though, we can ignore this as they are unlikely to hinder your business solutions.


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