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WeblineINDIA Carrom Championship

WeblineINDIA Carrom Championship

“All work and No play makes Jack a DULL boy” – Sport is a quintessential technique for honing teamwork, time management and stress management skills.

It connects the disconnected and diversified individuals on a common platform in a regulated environment. And the result is stress relief, skill enhancement, sharing new ideas and increase concentration skills.

WeblineIndia, being a 15 years old company, comprehends the nuances of teamwork and employee satisfaction. Therefore, it organizes different kinds of events from time to time. The most recent event, i.e. WeblineIndia Carrom Championship is a case in point.


18 teams shall be enrolled in the event and made to participate in the Carrom championship. All teams will play a set number of games before the top 8 teams progress to the Quarter Finals. On the basis of the results in the Quarter Finals, 4 teams will move to the Semi-Finals with just 2 becoming the finalists. The winner shall be declared the WeblineIndia Carrom Champion. Both the winning team and the Runners-up will be eligible to prizes for reaching that far in the championship.


The objective of organizing this Carrom Championship is multifaceted. Firstly, Weblineindia wants to encourage the sports culture; and secondly, the company is also keen on helping individuals come together and work as a team.

We spoke with the company’s spokesperson, and he said “Individuals who perform excellently can be more productive to the company when they learn to work as a team player. We want to enthuse a sports culture into the organization and also want to promote the virtues of working together. Finally, this will be a good opportunity of de-stressing and relaxing.”

Let us all look forward to this novel initiative.

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