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WhatsApp Enjoys 430 Million Users Now with Transit of 50 Billion Messages Everyday


WhatsApp is the most popular instant communication mode that majority of users are favouring presently. Thus, it may not shock you to listen that the company has successfully achieved a great new mark today. There are now more than 430 million users globally who are using this instant messaging technology. With user base as huge as this, it is very obvious to have a giant transit of messages to manage. The figure reportedly boasts of a mighty 50 billion.

The instant communication application is flawlessly handling the movement of these giant numbers of text messages every day. And, so it makes sense of saying that it must be ahead of SMS with this overwhelming mark. The new achievement was declared by the company’s CEO and co-founder Jan Koum from WhatsApp.

With the achievement of this new benchmark of 430 million, the app has surpassed its own goals. Just a month back in December, the app reached the mark of 400 million. This means that only in a month of 2 months 30 million people joined WhatsApp. Moving into a little more past, WhatsApp hardly had user base of 200 million in August 2013. That means that it jumped to double than its milestone of client base in just a short span of 4 months. This was the time when WhatsApp spread its wings by enabling its cool messaging services for Asha models. This may have pushed the instant messaging app to achieve the unseen mark.

One amongst many other achievements that the CEO is very glad for is that the communication platform has grabbed these milestones on its own and without depending on artifices, promotions or any other advertisement tools that its competitors are using to drive traffic. It has no strategies to introduce gaming features nor it want to bring in escaping pictures, at least not in the near time.

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