Case Study: Online Fashion Store Development


Andrea Hinnen is a popular E-commerce portal supported in English and German languages. Andrea Hinnen guarantees high-quality, completely individual products & accessories for Men, Women, Babies with absolutely unmistakable signature. Moreover, portal also suggests “Where to Buy” offline signature shopping from some of the European countries.

Business Need

Client would like to revamp existing English portal to multilingual (e.g. English and German) for enhanced market coverage with additional payment gateway integration and currency converter features.

Client Situation

Client wanted to enhance existing portal with below features & continued AMS (Application Maintenance and Support) activities.

  • Multiple Language support
  • PostFinance payment gateway integration
  • Shipping service currency converter


Front End: Drupal, Javascript, CSS, HTML

Recommended Solution

Our team at WEBLINEINDIA put tremendous efforts to make this project on success path. Our team with in-depth understanding of client requirements delivered the solution on time with continued AMS/support.

Few Highlights –

  • Multiple Language support
  • Configured Drupal framework for German support together with English language.
  • Users can easily navigate through EN (English) or DE (German) portal under one roof.
  • Whilst doing online shopping, end users can switch over between English-German language easily with continuity on online buying.
  • PostFinance payment gateway integration
  • PostFinance is one of the leading financial institution in Switzerland. We ensured trouble-free cash flow integration with portal on a daily basis irrespective of EN/DE.
  • Shipping service currency converter

In addition to simple conversions, we handled mix currency orders using Drupal Commerce Core. This helped Client to provide seamless shopping experience for multilingual customer base.


  • Multiple language support enhanced client’s business in terms of more market coverage.
  • Integration to PostFinance provides seamless online shopping experience moreover to customers in Switzerland.
  • Currency converter at shipping helped global customers to calculate shipping rate and shopping cart estimations.
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