We provide herewith an inside view of some of our significant works. This will provide you with a detailed walk through of the solutions we have developed for different industries and using different technologies which will help you to understand the processes we follow for developing smart solutions.

Virtual Class & Education Solution

A major educational institute in the US, the client was established to provide unique platform for Webinars, Videos, Online Courses,…

Fantasy Football Gaming Platform

Client is one of the leading organizing agency of Fantasy Football events in Italy.

IoT enabled Home Automation Solution

The client is a leader producing IoT platforms for widespread industrial use. Currently, the client supports industries like STEM Research,…

Truck Logistics Tracking Service

One of the leading oil and gas logistics company located in USA

Trainer’s Handbook for Physio

Client is certified gym Trainer based in USA who wants to use technology for making Gym trainers life easier and…

Social Gaming Platform

Client is a startup company based in USA, offering different kind of games for social enthusiast

Dental Service Utility Platform

Our solution for Dental Service Utility Platform developed for our client who is a dentist, helped him to efficiently manage and process the data of his patients. Check out this case study to know more about the medical solution that we developed.

Fitness Club Management

We developed a solution for Fitness Club Management company. Our client provides complete range of rehabilitation, health, safety and injury management solutions. Read more about the Fitness Club Management Solution that we developed for our client.

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