Case Study: Smart Geo Solution


The client has served many big MNCs with different focus areas. Client’s primary mission is to transform different innovative ideas into the reality through building unique smart geo solutions to serve different industries.

Business Need

Client came up with an idea to uniquely identify each object, place and people with some unique value known as smart address. That can be helpful to locate the person, and communicate with a person, organize a meeting, deliver a parcel, deliver food packets, floor plans etc.

  • End users can add their favorite places as smart address for easy access like to setup meeting and share with friends.
  • Users can have handy textual and voice based communications

Client Situation

Client wanted to implement few ideas in the platform to be provided as unique features to make his platform distinguished from competitors. The market leading solution to enable client to stay ahead in challenging environment.

  • Smart address should be assigned to any static and moveable objects. Smart address to utilize the latitude and longitude on which special algorithm can be executed.
  • Integrated custom voice calling mechanism in the solution to handle different states of the voice call and controlling based on predefined time limit etc. User can initiate chat conversation or voice calling directly from map through pins plotted over map. None of the existing solutions provide such kind of facility.


Backend System

JAVA Vertex 3.2.1, SMS Gateway Integration

Backend Database

Postgre SQL 9.4

Android App

Android Studio IDE, Google Android SDK, Sinch SDK for VOIP, Google Auto complete Feature

iOS App

XCode, Swift, iPhone Simulator and Devices, Sinch SDK for VOIP, Google Auto complete Feature

Recommended Solution

Webline team worked closely with the client in defining the scope and how to transform the overall vision of the product into the reality. Initial phase was planned to be developed with the iOS technology followed by Android application as well.

Team has produced targeted features for the iOS and Android application in the 1st Phase where people based conversation was delivered successfully. The Backend applications played a crucial role to support mobile application by handling various user based data and smart address data.

Smart address was generated with special algorithm which converts latitude and longitude into a value which can be easily identified by application to locate the people, vehicles or any objects.

VOIP based API integrated in the application to provide the support voice based calling to the users. It utilizes application to application calling facility.


Final product had below features and facilities as key differentiator over other similar solutions available in market which resulted in success of the platform and acceptance by relevant businesses over competitor solutions.

  • Map feature provides facility to user to see the list of smart address around his location which can be shared with friends and family members to invite them to meet on specific places.
  • End customer can keep track of their favorite places as smart address and instead of sharing the entire details they can just provide the smart address value to identify it.
  • Users can see his friends online by pins and also create conversation to chat with them and also setup meeting on specific place.
  • VOIP based calling facility available to have conversation between 2 persons.
  • Google auto complete feature available to search for any location and locate it over the map.
  • Users can get route from their current location to share smart addresses.
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