Case Study: Social Media Advertising Platform


Client is one of the leading digital marketing company located in USA. The third party advertisers contact client to promote their products and services. Currently, client manages and involves his in-house team for various social media advertising campaign.

Business Need

Client wanted to build a solution to all targeted businesses who wants to market their products and services through expertise of social media promoters or independent agents associated with this platform.

Different advertisement campaign can be promoted to different social media platforms to do advertising or marketing of targeted products or services. Social media promoters can get reward money; do competition with other promoters on this platform. Also while sharing advertisement media to social media, social promoters should be allowed to play challenging memory games to increase their gaming points within their interested city of campaign.

Client Situation

  • Client wanted to develop a platform where all their targeted social media promoters can be on-boarded (along with social media login and invitation management flow) and their experience based social media sharing can be managed over this platform.
  • Client wanted to setup the categorized social media content and payout for the rewards should be managed through the back end system.
  • Client wanted to setup a business model where social advertiser can do initial review of the application with trial version and later on do their interested cities based advertising over this platform.
  • Client wanted social media sharing by sharing actual media file upload and get real time social media sharing statistics for shared content, view content by viewers.
  • Client also wanted to manage social feed where different advertisers can see their achievements, applause their achievement and can see other various advertisement news, activities and updates through their own custom feed implementation.
  • Most importantly, Client wanted to manage different memory games to be played by social promoters to utilize their precious time over this platform and gain gaming points and rewards/badges as well which are displayed on their own city based customized leader board.


  • Backend System

Java, MongoDB Database (No SQL), Dwolla API based Payout

  • iPhone App

Xcode IDE, Apple iOS SDK, UI Kit, Social Media Sharing API, Google Analytics, Apple In-app subscription library

  • Android App

Android Studio IDE, Google Android SDK, Social Media Sharing API, Google Analytics, In-app billing library

Recommended Solution

Our software development team created an easy to use solution where all targeted social media promoters can be easily on-boarded with social medial login, invitation flow management. Admin staff members can use web control panel to manage different on-boarded users, invitations, and their user reports.

With highly user interactive mobile UI design, end users can easily choose their interest and categories based advertisement campaign to do social sharing and play games to achieve their targeted score, and keep increasing the interest level to use this platform more to gain more advertising money through this platform.

Different type of add-ons provided as part of the solution included social media login and sharing, customized advertising image/video sliders, highly interesting games, leader boards to show game scores, real time social media sharing statistics, advertisement payout, achievement wall to show users achievements and social advertising activities updates etc.


  • The platform has helped the client to attract more businesses to engage for advertisement of their products and services with most professional way by utilizing experience of social media promoters or individual agents.
  • App keeps on adding the sharing interests by gaining more and more points, rewards and real money by setting up different challenging targets for the Social media promoters.
  • Social media promoters can on-board more and more promoters with the use of invitation module and they can easily gain rewards points.
  • The solution manages actual social media sharing statistics to provide more real time information over the Facebook and Twitter platform for their shared and viewed content.
  • Custom feed helps to manage achievement wall to showcase different advertiser’s real social campaigning experience. Also it shows most up-to-date activities and news.
  • Application has taken care for providing smooth application performance especially while playing the game to make end user’s experience better.
  • Application has taken care for pixel perfect UI design for betterment of each UI placement and providing more accuracy in UI consistency.
  • On the business end, system owner is going to gain revenues by including more and more advertising companies and increasing interest level to do more advertising campaigns over different cities for which they have in-app purchase subscription.
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