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Employee Burnout – Symptoms, Causes, and Preventive & Counter Measures (Part 1)

Employee Burnout – Symptoms, Causes, and Preventive & Counter Measures

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Employee Burnout is an issue which is now affecting more than 90% of the businesses across the world. It is very difficult to understand and measure the depth of its affect as there are so many kinds of industries. But, slowly and steadily it has managed to penetrate every industry and show its symptoms. So now you must be thinking what exactly employee burnout is in the first place! Right? Let us first understand about it.


Employee burnout is a stage where the employee feels exhausted emotionally or physically. Mostly it is the outcome of experiencing stress or frustration for a prolonged time. There are a number of things which contribute towards employee burnout like tight deadlines, lack of support at the workplace, stress, not having right resource or tool for the tasks, etc. Burnout can also be experienced due to the personal issues in the employee’s life.

This is a very serious issue in today’s world. So now the question arises how do we know whether an Employee is Burned Out or not? Based on my experience and meeting several people over these years, I have tried below to list down some common symptoms to identify Employee Burnout so it helps you to identify the situation well in advance and take corrective actions.


So, we saw some common symptoms of employee burnout and are able to identify that an Employee is burned out. Next important phase in this situation is to identify the root causes of employee burnout. Again, I have tried to list down below few common causes of employee burnout. One important point to note here is I have only covered the causes which are under the control of companies and its work culture.


I hope you have now a better understanding for the subject ‘Employee Burnout’ and learnt to identify employees who are having this Burnout symptoms.  In my next post, we will cover about some preventive & counter measures that can be taken by an organization to prevent and handle employee burnout.

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