Risks Associated with Offshoring Software Development and How to Avoid Them

Obstacles and difficulties always come in the way of all sort of business processes, so as they exist on the way to productive outsourcing. Potential risks associated with offshoring software development may be distressing, but if smartly managed, the benefits of outsourcing will surely exceed the risks.

Top 10 Ways – AI is Helping Marketing

Artificial Intelligence surely is reshaping the marketing world and has eased the job of marketers by providing near-to-precise data analysis based on customers’ interaction and their browsing.

5 Traits of a Well-Paid Software Developer

We’re in a high-speed world, filled with distraction, fueled by 140-character thoughts.. But the good news is, though they’re rare, talented software developers are still out there. Here’s 5 traits of a well-paid talented software developer which you must look out for in your next interview if you want to hire the best.

Employee Burnout – Symptoms, Causes, and Preventive & Counter Measures (Part 2)

Hello folks, to continue on my previous post, we learned about the term ‘employee burnout’ and even discussed about its…

Employee Burnout – Symptoms, Causes, and Preventive & Counter Measures (Part 1)

Employee Burnout is an issue which is now affecting more than 90% of the businesses across the world. It is…

Top 23 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

For few, the word “interview” makes people nervous and while they appear for the interview they make lot of goof…

Top 5 Rules for Selecting the Right Offshore Web Development Company

All over the World, there are web development companies helping business shaping their dreams into reality. There are many firms…

.NET and Its Advantages / Disadvantages – All You Need to Know

Do you know about.NET? Developers, for a long time, have been looking for a framework that can help them easily…

AngularJS – What, Why, Advantages and Disadvantages

AngularJS is a very powerful JavaScript framework, here are top 5 reasons to choose AngualrJS with Advantages and Disadvantages over jQuery. Hire Best AngularJS Development Company.

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