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All About White Label Software Development Services

White Label Software Development Services

What is White Labeling?

White labeling simply can be defined as the business practice in which a company manufactures products or services and then sell them to another brand; that brand then rebrand those products or services and sell them as its own goods.

White-labeled products or services will not bear the name of the original manufacturer or developer but will go in the market by the name of the reseller to whom the products or services are sold.

White label products are quite common in retail industries; for instance in grocery stores, the “store brand” goods are usually manufactured by large companies that mass produce these items, then sell them to different grocery stores which put their own labels to these products and sell them as their own goods.

White labeling isn’t limited to just household items, but services can also be white-labeled especially in the software development industry and tech worlds such as software, apps, cloud-based services, digital programs, and others. Though outsourcing shares some features with white labeling and often outsourced projects are white-labeled but these two are not interchangeable.

Value of White-Label Software Development Services

White-labeling in software development works the same way as it does in other industries; the software solutions won’t carry the names of the original developers but their client’s names. White-labeling holds significant value in software development especially when it comes to big projects; the company takes third-party services for the development of certain aspects of the project to which they lack in-house expertise (or if their in-house team is occupied with other projects) and save time. This time saving will let the companies meet tight deadlines.

When it comes to finances, the cost of the final project incorporates the price paid for the white-label solutions of the software and in light of this total cost, the end clients are charged for the services.

How does White Label Software Development works?

White labeling software development is a faster way of offering your customers the desired services; through this, you can charge for the services you bought from other company and re-label them as your own. This not only saves plenty of time that’d be required for the development of the services from scratch, but you can also make money out of them by selling them at the price more than what you paid to the other company.

For software developers, white labeling is a great time-saving tool as they capitalize on bigger offers, despite lacking the in-house expertise, they can consider white labeling and smartly provide their clients the services they asked for. White labeling let you expand your portfolio and ad new value to your existing customer’s base without investing time in the product development.

Aspects of White Label Software Development

Companies that offer white label software development services usually make use of agile methodology to conceptualize the client’s vision and swiftly work on it to design and build the finalized product for the client. Range of white-labeled software development services is endless; from website development to web apps, from enterprise software platforms to mobile apps, from cloud-based services to desktop-based solutions; the white label is popular in all software development domains.

Some of the key features of white labeling include:

How to use White Label Software Development Services?

There is not a single way of using the white label, brandable, private label or rebranded software, neither the software development solutions are restricted to any specific type of company or industry. Following are three common ways, organizations can make use of white label development services

Advantages of White Labeling:

Disadvantages of White Labeling

Choosing the White Label Software Development Partner and Product:

If you have decided to go for white-labeled software development company, rebrandable or resellable software services or solutions, then it’s crucial to work with trustworthy service providers. Consider the following aspects before deciding about the desired solutions and finalizing the contract with a white label vendor:

Bottom line

White-labeling custom software development services is indeed a great option that offers substantial business gains. It lets you own software solutions and give them your name without actually developing them. Potential benefits of white labeling such as lowered costs, fewer risks, faster launches, and diversification are making enterprises to pick the ready-made solutions instead of going after bespoke software services.

Though there are few downsides of white labeling such as a compromised product, less control over features, poor integration, miscommunication, and delays they are outdone by the constructive aspects of the white labeling. However, the key to reap benefits of white labeling lies in accurate planning, selecting the right firm and choosing the right products for your business.

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