Smart Healthcare with AI, ML and Deep Learning

AI’s life-saving qualities make it an essential capability in every health system. The merging of artificial intelligence and health care holds wonderful promise for doctors and their patients. Here’s how AI will change the industry.

More Business People Embracing DevSecOps, But What Really Is It?

DevSecOps can play a crucial role in pursuit of streamlined software development & operations. DevOps solves many challenges of a Software Development Company and helps in speed, efficiency, cost saving, and many more.

Risks Associated with Offshoring Software Development and How to Avoid Them

Obstacles and difficulties always come in the way of all sort of business processes, so as they exist on the way to productive outsourcing. Potential risks associated with offshoring software development may be distressing, but if smartly managed, the benefits of outsourcing will surely exceed the risks.

Top 10 Ways – AI is Helping Marketing

Artificial Intelligence surely is reshaping the marketing world and has eased the job of marketers by providing near-to-precise data analysis based on customers’ interaction and their browsing.

All About White Label Software Development Services

Know the benefits of white labeling which making enterprises to pick the ready-made solutions instead of going after bespoke software services.

Emerging Offshore Software Development Trends to Lookout for in 2019

In the business world, outsourcing is going to be a mainstream phenomenon

React Native – Build Mobile Apps with Increased Developer Productivity

React Native is a highly efficient open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework to build mobile apps. In this post lets see how it helps in increasing productivity of any mobile app developer.

Full Stack Developers – The Rise Of New Breed Of Developers

Full stack developers are a valuable asset of any software development company because of their intensive knowledge and ability to proficiently handle all layers of the development. Lets find out more about it in this post.

Top 15 eCommerce Trends For 2019 And Beyond

Online shopping is the future & providing enhanced shopping experience to the customers will be the key to success of any eCommerce store. Lets see in this post what will be the upcoming eCommerce Trends for 2019 and beyond.

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