Boost Your Sales with Mobile App Redesigning

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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Different Industries!

Today the market is very competitive and so it becomes important for businesses to come up with strategies which can…

How can Mobile Apps Help Business Reach the New Heights?

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When is the Right Time to Push Update on Mobile App?

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How to Create Engaging Mobile App UX Design?

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Top Mobile Application Development Trends in 2016

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Things to Consider before Commencing your Apple Watch App Development Project

Apple Watch is the new trend, and it has got people talking. Everyone’s excited about the various features and functionalities that this watch promises to the users. For the users, it is a product that is extremely personal for them. It allows them to communicate with people and entertain themselves in an instant. Receiving and making phone calls, receiving and responding to notifications, accessing maps, tracking your daily activity, and more is all just the raise of a wrist away.

iOS 8 – Should You Make The Switch?

iOS 8 has been finally released, and there is a buzz around. iPhone users and fans alike are excited about the changes that might be incorporated into the new OS. Not long ago, people were speaking about the novelty of iOS 7, and now that an upgraded version is available they want to know how exactly this version is different from the previous one. If you have been anxious to know what iOS 8 has to offer, we will tell you all. Here are some of the things that have changed from iOS 7 to iOS 8.

Android L – Explore New Features, Design, Release Date

Google is coming up with a new version of Android called Android L. However, rumors are surrounding that partnership of Google with Nestle will name this upgraded version as Android Lion. When Android 4.4 KitKat was released last September, it was assumed that the new upcoming version of Android will be named Android 4.5 or 5.0. Google has structured Android L at its I/O 2014 developer conference. Hence there are various perplexes regarding the release date of Android L, its version number as well as its design and features.

Major Factors to Follow In Order To Get The Highest ROI in Mobile App Development

The advancement in Smartphones has evolved the demand of mobile users. An individual looks at his mobile phone as a platform to mingle with various applications. With this enhanced demand, mobile app development has become a new center of attraction for many IT companies. Developers as well as businesses, both look forward to earn highest returns on investment in the near future and within a short span by indulging in mobile app development.

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