Last year was a pretty good one about design trends. Various new ideas were launched, and many of them managed to capture the imagination of the users. However, in the fast-changing world of today, many of these design trends for the year 2013 will soon become ordinary, and there will be a need to develop something fresh and unique. Here are certain concepts that are expected to either emerge or continue in the year 2014:

Flat Design

Some experts believed that this was just a fad that evolved last year and would die the same year itself. However, that hasn’t been the case. It is a trend that looks all set to stay for a longer period. A flat design is about having a defined minimalist design on the steroid, and that is what many clients are keen on having. It is about simplicity, cleanliness, and modernity. This way, the designers will be able to reduce the amount of clutter on their site and have a better user experience.

Response Design

If you are a part of the web designing fraternity, you would certainly be aware of responsive designs. These allow websites to appear seamlessly across devices with varying screen sizes. There has been a surge in the demand for smartphones and tablets. By the looks of it, this surge doesn’t seem like beating a hasty retreat. Therefore, designers will have to elevate their focus on response designing and explain the significance of the same to the clients too.


One trend that has gradually emerged is the reducing emphasis of people on spending a lot of time in reading. They seek solutions that can keep them up-to-date and well-informed without consuming a significant portion of their time. That is precisely what infographics can do for you. They manage to present a whole host of information is a small amount of space. This is ideal for all types of readers, as there is some serious information and it has still been presented in a slick format. For developers, infographics come across as an eye-catching option for presenting information to audiences without spending a fortune on their development.

Value of Quality Content

Content is the King, they say and it appears to be the ultimate truth. Designers would have to gradually understand the value that content adds to their designs. A design might look supreme, but the real meat of it would be exhibited when the content is enriching and valuable. Therefore, it is significant that high-quality content writers are developed and hired. Moreover, one needs to follow a concrete strategy for content development for it to be successful.


Finally, one trend that might overshadow a lot of others is the need for ‘Simplicity’. There was a time in the past when we were all obsessed with complex structures. However, this doesn’t impress the users anymore. What they are looking for is the ability to identify, select, and process information lucidly. They do not want to navigate around several pages and page elements before they find what they are looking for. KISS strategy (Keep it Simple, Silly) is the need of the hour.

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