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We are an offshore software and mobile app development company with nearly two decades of experience in offering reliable software and app development services. By working as an offshore outsourcing software development partner to clients all across the world, we have built a large number of mobile app solutions. Let our team of handpicked application developers bring your app idea to life. Outsource mobile app development services to give your business the advantage of working with seasoned professionals. Our talent pool consists of hundreds of developers who have worked in teams responsible for various successful applications out there. We provide cross-platform app development services that cover major app platforms like React Native, iOS, Android, Windows, and Hybrid/Cross-Platform.

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Our High-end Mobile App Development Services

iOS Mobile App Development Services

Keeping in mind the increasing demand for iOS apps, we offer effective offshore iOS app development solutions. Right from idea generation to conceptualizing it, we work as your reliable outsource partner who works to its best and ensures marketplace success of your iOS app.

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The number of Android devices are extensively increasing in the market. This offers a better opportunity to build apps based on the platform. We have years of experience in Android app development and we make sure to apply them to the project when you outsource us.

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Now opt for Progressive Web Apps Development services to build web applications that work seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes. We build PWAs that are reliable, light, and quick to load too. Our team puts in the effort to come up with PWA solutions that display native app features with ease.

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React Native is a JavaScript library that makes use of ReactJS to build native mobile apps. The library has been developed by Facebook engineers and became quite popular within a short span of time. We offer React Native development services to build native mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

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Keeping the changing needs of the digital market, we offer offshore hybrid app development services. This helps the businesses come up with mobile apps which work on different mobile platforms. Hybrid mobile app development costs and make it easy to upgrade and maintain.

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With the increased popularity of wearables in the market, we help you get the best of technology on your wrists through our wearable app development services. We let your business grow by making use of the right features and functionalities.

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Today the internet has entered every aspect of human life and now you can control devices and applications using it. So turn digital by making use of IoT-inspired mobile apps to fulfill your business goals.

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With us, enjoy the best of AR technology and turn your business goals into reality. We develop powerful AR apps by making use of the best technologies for GPS data, video streaming, object recognition, and audio streaming.

As a leading windows app development services provider we deliver end-to-end solutions for businesses around the globe. We follow an agile development process to deliver apps at speed. We pay close attention during the design, development, and testing. This makes sure that the results are meeting your vision.

If you want to start your project with an industry-best Flutter app development company, you are at the right place. We know how to turn your app idea into a successful application. Our Flutter app developer can help you build platform-independent digital experiences. We offer scalable Flutter app development services to build highly functional applications with native performance, expressive and flexible UI, within less development time for mobile, web, and desktop.

We offer eCommerce mobile app development services to all kinds of businesses. Right from building an attractive user interface, we offer to build a strong backend that ensures the online store is focused on delivering customer satisfaction. We work on integrating your business with mobile all the while ensuring to include end-to-end functionality to offer a better digital experience to the customers.

Latest Mobile App Statistics

smartphone users statistic

Consumer app spending is forecast to reach $115.4 billion in the App Store and $55.5 billion in Google Play by 2024. Source

blockchain solutions forecasts

In 2025, the number of mobile users worldwide is projected to reach 7.49 billion. Source

voice recognition market statistic

The total revenue of mobile apps is expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.32%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$641,013m by 2026. Source

Top Outsourced Mobile App Development Services Offered by Us

Enterprise mobility solutions

Our enterprise mobility solutions work towards effectively aligning the workforce and setting mobile-driven processes. Today it is considered one of the best disruptive technological innovations present in the world of technology.

With billions of apps expected to fill in the app store by 2022, the majority of the apps are of freemium kinds. Monetization of the apps is taken to another level by the use of in-app advertising.

User experience is no more just about how the user interface looks. It is more about letting the users have an amazing experience when they navigate the app. We can take care of everything.

The consulting and strategy development services offered by us let the businesses identify and implement mobility initiatives in a strategic manner.

It is time to move with the changing needs and keep pace with the world. Opt for our migration and re-engineer services to change the legacy systems into new ones using the right methodologies, strategy, tools, and techniques.

Now opt for the best user experience and performance with proper integration. This has become necessary due to the increasing consumer needs and mobile app proliferation.

We offer application maintenance services by helping enterprises with growth and expansion while moving with paradigm shifts.

We offer application testing and quality assurance service in order to offer a rich customer experience and high-performing products. We ensure to reduce maintenance costs to a large extent.

Hire Mobile App Developers

With the boost in smartphone and tablet users, there has been an evident shift to mobile app development from regular desktop apps. This has increased the demand for mobile app development services. Such apps need to be best in design and work efficiently to the purpose. We offer creative and efficiently working mobile app development solutions through our proven RelyShoreSM (reliable offshore) Model. We make use of the latest and right tools and technology to build highly customized mobile apps that meet business requirements.

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Are You Looking For

eCommerce Apps

Looking for a mobile app development company to bring your online store to your customers’ smartphones? Let us help you realise that dream and unlock a brand new market for your eCommerce brand.

Educational Apps

Our app development services have helped many of our clients solve education and training issues, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. The future of education is mobile, let the best mobile app development company help you take full advantage of it.

Travel Apps

Got an idea for a unique travel app? Outsource the mobile app development to us so you can focus on connecting with the right vendors. Give your guests the experience of a lifetime and let us take care of your travel app development hassles.

Mobile Gaming Apps

The gaming industry is booming and the right idea is potentially worth billions. If you’ve got the idea, we can make it a (virtual) reality. Ready to take your leap to greatness?

Enterprise Apps

Streamline your processes, identify and eliminate productivity bottlenecks, and maximize profits with a customized enterprise app solution. Outsource your mobile app development to us and we’ll help you overcome complex business challenges with a bespoke solution.

Chatbots And AI In Mobile Apps

Empower your already awesome app with a chatbot or AI functionality. From improving sales to enhancing the user experience, our cross-platform app development services can offer you solutions designed to boost the business impact of your mobile application.

IoT And Wearable Apps

IoT is the future and wearables have already become commonplace. If you’ve got the right idea, you can enjoy early adopter advantages. Let us help you create your perfect app for IoT and wearable devices.

Mobile Payment Apps

Our team has the right knowledge and experience to develop potentially successful mobile payment apps, as we have done in the past. If you want to develop a payment app, WeblineIndia is the name to trust.

mHealth Apps

From health trackers to workout membership applications, whatever you need, we can deliver a quick, efficient, and affordable rollout. Let our experience help you create an app that not only helps your audience get better and fitter, but also provides them with a delightful user experience.

AR/VR The Next-Gen Apps

Outsource the mobile app development project of your AR or VR app to us for a completely hassle-free and delightful development journey.

Booking Apps

Booking apps demand innovative problem-solving abilities to design an intuitive experience. If you’ve got a challenge, we’d love to take it up!

Mobile Wallet Apps

Let our experts help you attract your target audience with an app that both delights them and rewards them for spending money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time would it take to create the app?

This usually depends on the type the app you want to build. While the app development process typically takes 6 to 7 months from inception to launch, highly technological apps can take up to a year or more.

What would be the cost of developing an app?

The cost is determined by the number of features you intend to include in your mobile app

I'm a non-technical person who wants to build an app. Will you be able to assist me with app development?

Yes, simply send us an email or fill out the "contact us" form with your ideas. Our sales team will assist you with the requirements and flow based on the specifications; which will be followed up on during the app's development.

What's the difference between Native App Development and Cross-Platform Development?

A native app is built for a particular device and OS. Native apps can provide optimized performance and take full advantage of the device features.

Whereas, Cross-platform offers a framework in which development is done once and can be used to distribute the app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Should we deploy the app on Android or iOS?

We recommend that you launch the app on iPhone and Android platforms due to the increasing popularity of both platforms.

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