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WeblineIndia understands the value of 'clients & website users' privacy & so gives full respect & promises to protect private data & content that is given, submitted, shared & sent to us in all possible respects. As a service hosting & providing firm driven towards client's needs for offering professional & justified quality of software, web & mobile related services globally, WeblineIndia always remains at forefront in following & completely adapting to all the facets of privacy and its importance for companies owning a web identity. In understandable English language, we state & explain how we follow privacy concepts, practices & terms and use your content & shared information rightfully.

Also please note that any links acquired from our Website for other blogs, web pages or websites have their own Privacy terms & policies so we are not responsible under any conditions for the issues or flaws faced there at other sites. Clients & visitors are requested to educate themselves with other sites’ applicable Privacy terms & policies.

Any visitor, website user or associate sharing or giving us their information/data/content is liable to accept all the terms, conditions & rules that is formed & included in our set Privacy Policy. Those refusing or not willing to agree to this Privacy Policy are requested to omit using this website.

Information with us

Till you willingly offer us any personal information like name, email address, residential or office address, contact details, job/occupation & other information related to you, we do not ask for it. If in case, you are requested to submit necessary personal details at the time of job application or vacancy for any job post, registration for attending the company event or your desire to join any of our offered subscription-based service. For those simply exploring the site or visiting it without any requirement of getting our service is not required to provide any information. In case you give & share any personal information with us, it is totally subject to the rules & regulations of this Privacy Policy and wholly you agree/accept to these rules.

Use & Notice

Similar to other justified practices, WeblineIndia's website may use regular technologies like Cookies and several other systems which may help to acquire information of user or visitor's usage of the site. At any given point if we collect your personal information, we will give the reason or intention for doing so. We will not move any information to any company or individual without your permission, excluding under the acceptable limited areas of terms disclose in below section of "Sharing & Distribution of Information". An "opt in" and "opt out" choice will majorly give to you so that you can select either of one & agree or disagree for direct promotional or market related information/knowledge.

General purposes/intentions for using your information

We use personal information for numerous reasons or purposes like -

  • To educate you with regular activities/services/add-ons/new products & similar services offered by WeblineIndia.
  • For satisfying your queries, requests or questions asked for any related services or products from our offerings.
  • To keep you updated on every enhancement & happenings.
  • To educate you with special deals, packages or offers, whenever applicable.
  • And on any other thing we believe it would be helpful for you to hear from us.

Sharing & Distribution of Information

It is a policy at WeblineIndia that your information will never get distributed or shared except in some conditions like below:

  • We may share your information within our branches or subsidiaries spread at other locations.
  • If in case your information is acquired for occasions like registration for you to attend an event or subscribe for our knowledge newsletters then we may share your information with third parties.
  • If you give us your written consent & approval then we may share or distribute your personal information to other individuals or firms.
  • Also under law enforcements & jurisdiction necessities that impose to share information for proceeding further, we have to share & give your information to cooperate with law & governance.
  • In case of sale of our company to another list-item or acquisition by another company or a merger or tie-up with other business, we may share your information as a part of the deal.

Security Practices

WeblineIndia is dedicatedly committed towards protecting your information with justified, strict & acknowledged practices & terms. We do this to prevent losses, misuse, unjust practices’ attempted, damage or modifications or any other sort of destructive actions done to your information. All technological measures are ensured to secure your data.

By using & referring the contents on this site, you accept & agree that WeblineIndia is not accountable for any outside destructive actions that are indomitable or unstoppable attacks or malwares sufferings.

Contact our people

In case you are not clear of anything in our Privacy Policy page, its inclusions or any data then you can contact us.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We are fully authorized & have all rights to whenever change this Privacy Policy with our will. Whenever a change is made it will be instantly displayed on this page with timely update. So, to ensure applicable Privacy statement you are requested to refer this page at regular intervals.

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