About RelyShoreSM Model

The paradigm shift in past few years in terms of technological advancements has pushed businesses to deliver smart, effective and reliable solutions.

Software development companies have started to adapt newer technologies and processes to deliver best, quick and cost effective solutions to their clients.

To cater with these needs of the businesses, wherein they can concentrate more on their core business, WeblineIndia with their 20 years of experience in offshore outsourcing, has crafted unequalled development and delivery model, which we call it RelyShoreSM Model.

This model follows best practices and offers reliable Offshoring and Outsourcing of software development needs.

Our RSET team – RelyShoreSM Engineering Team is well trained to follow the guidelines and best practices of software development specially tuned for offshore development. It helps the client maintain close collaboration with their stakeholders and deliver on-time solutions at very affordable costs, ensuring best quality.

With our expert teams possessing excellent capabilities, not only we ensure that our clients get what they want, but we ensure they are delighted with our services.

RelyShoreSM Model also blends both onshore leadership and offshore capacity to create cost effective consulting as well as flexible delivery approaches for our clients.


Our RelyShoreSM Model combines its sophisticated yet simple, well-proven Agile practices with design thinking to ensure that the client remains the central focus during the project/product development lifecycle. We believe this approach is a key differentiator for our project/product development capabilities.

We have a vast experience of catering to various industries for providing a variety of solutions across all major technologies. This gives us an upper hand when it comes to providing consultancy and software development services ranging from suggesting the best technology suitable to client needs, development and even after-support. Whether you need to create a small pilot project ( MVP ) or a new enterprise system, our expert consultants and agile developers at WeblineIndia can help.

We have helped several start-ups and large enterprises to get a head-start as compared to their competitors by building the best products for them. Being a reliable partner, we take care of clients' technology needs as our own, thereby ensuring that they remain front runner by being able to focus on their strategic goals and business objectives.

Engagement Models

WeblineIndia offers efficacious and flexible engagement models personalized for client business requirements. Our flexible engagement models fit diverse client needs and help them optimize costs.

Fixed Price

This model is suited for projects where the scope, requirements and deliverables are clearly defined before the initiation of the project. Helps clients by knowing the costs upfront.

Time and Material

Based on the cost incurred for resource utilization within the specific work time period. Best suited when full scope is not clearly defined.

Dedicated Team

Suited when Client has the technical know-how and wants team to develop as per their plan and instructions. we offer dedicated pool of skilled programmers as per the requirements, preferences and expectations.


This model is typically adapted by enterprise client who wants to set up a new offshore software development and service delivery center but, lacks knowledge and/or time to do so.

The RelyShoreSM Model Incorporates 3 Main Phases

Project Discovery

Project Discovery

Our knowledge of our clients' business domain helps us to understand, suggest and achieve the goals of our clients with much ease. Project Discovery is the first step towards understanding what our client needs, their strategic indicatives, their goals, and their outcomes. Project Discovery aligns our team with our clients' needs at the outset. This is where our suggestions frequently turn out to be the key to success of our client's business. It is a critical step for our technical team, as they will need the information gathered to make informed technical recommendations for the development effort and to prepare an accurate cost estimate and planning. This is the reason we believe in "being client-centric".


Engagement Terms & Agile Development

Engagement Terms & Agile Development

Since every business is unique, our experience states that every relationship requires a unique strategy. WeblineIndia offers flexible engagement and delivery options that can accommodate the client's market needs and adapt to their definitive business culture. We truly understand the challenges clients face across different phases of the software lifecycle. WeblineIndia has evolved methods and processes to facilitate a collaborative approach with its clients to deliver software as a measurable delivery in a phased manner with best turnaround time possible.

WeblineIndia’s RelyShoreSM Model ensures that we collaborate closely with clients' stakeholders and project team members, while we take the responsibility for delivering the desired Project/Product. We believe in CLIENT DELIGHT and always strive to provide them a WOW experience.


Change Management

Change Management

We understand almost every projects needs change in specs even during the course of development. We have standard Change Request (CR ) management process and we achieve this by ensuring that requests for changes are recorded and then evaluated, authorized, prioritized and implemented in a controlled and consistent manner. Key Change Management facilitating approaches and activities include:

  • Submit all relevant details along with the request, such as notes, documents, specifications, references to previous, current or future projects etc.
  • Review all change management requests to ensure that they meet technical needs and cost feasibility.
  • Proactively analyse the impact of change and make key adjustments and update team members and stakeholders.

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