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We provide herewith an inside view of some of our significant works. This will provide you with a detailed walk through of the solutions we have developed for different industries and using different technologies which will help you to understand the processes we follow for developing smart solutions.


AI-Powered Email Content Generator with High ‘Open Rate’

See how AI reduced human efforts & increased leads, sales & revenue for our Fintech Client in this case study. Know more about AI-powered email content generator.

Image Retrieval System with Deep Learning & AI for Marketers

This case study explores how Deep Learning & AI revolutionize image retrieval for marketers. Discover how AI can shape the future of visual marketing.

Mobile Backend as a Service, MBaaS Platform Solution

See how we created an MBaaS platform for an IT client to help their app development team create mobile apps faster and with ease. Read more.

Chocolate Business Software Solution with Salesforce

Chocolate Business Software Solution with Salesforce

Streamline your chocolate business with Salesforce solutions tailored to your needs. Elevate efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Memoriam App, A Digital Legacy & the Power of Remembering

Harnessing Tech for Memories, The Memoriam App Case Study. Check out how we used our app development expertise to build a lasting tribute app.

Time Tracking Software

Productivity Monitoring and Time Tracking Software for Software Development Company

Productivity monitoring and time tracking software developed by us using robust technologies like Java, AWS, AngularJS & Spring Boot. Read our case study.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Solution

Cryptocurrency exchange software developed by us using robust blockchain technologies ensuring secure and scalable architecture. Read our case study.

medical prior authorization platform

Medical Prior Authorization Software for Healthcare & Insurance Providers

Medical prior authorization software developed by us for a leading healthcare & medical insurance provider in the USA. Read our case study to know more.

Bill Sharing App, A Flagship Product

Bill Sharing App, A Flagship Product Development with Offshore Software Development Team

A case study on how we scaled up dedicated software development team from 0 to 3 to 15 developers to build a flagship product, a Bill Sharing App for our client. Know more about the journey here.

Diabetes Tracker App

Diabetes Tracker App for Health Tracking Company

Client wanted to build a best Diabetes App for Health Tracker which helps in blood glucose tracker, blood sugar tracker, diabetes control, etc. Check out this case study for more details.

Environmental Monitoring System using IoT, AI and ML

Environmental Monitoring System using IoT, AI and ML

Environmental monitoring system using IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was built for our client from a reputed environmental monitoring company. Read more about the IoT software that we developed.

Coupon Aggregator Site

Coupon Aggregator Site for a Corporate Gifts Company


Content Coupon Aggregator Site was built for our client which is one of the reputed Corporate Gifting Companies in the USA. Read more about the SAAS based Coupon Aggregator Site providing Daily Deals and Discount Coupons from various merchants.