We provide herewith an inside view of some of our significant works. This will provide you with a detailed walk through of the solutions we have developed for different industries and using different technologies which will help you to understand the processes we follow for developing smart solutions.

Multilingual Dynamic Enterprise CMS for NGO

We delivered a multilingual dynamic enterprise content management (CMS website) to meet client’s expectations.

Integrated Cloud Based CRM System with Fertility Finance Solution Thumb

Integrated Cloud Based CRM System with Fertility Finance Solution

Client is a partner in one of the top Fertility Finance providing organization in US offering personalized fertility finance insurance,…

Anti-Bullying App & Website Solution

Client is a primary stake holder of a reputed Social Enterprise in US who works to stop bullying incidents happening…

Online Learning Management Solution

The LMS system with advanced eLearning capabilities in the form of education content curation platform.

City Guide Chatbot

We developed a Chatbot using Facebook Messenger platform and NLP AI API. Chatbot was developed for our client to provide city guide information to the visitors easily and without any need of external help. Check out this case study to know more about the Chatbot Solution developed by us.

Sportswear Shopping Solution

Online Shopping Portal and mobile app developed for our client, a leading Sportswear and Jackets brand. Read more in this case study about the ecommerce solution developed by us.

Smart City Traffic Control System

Smart City Traffic Control System was developed by us for our UAE based client providing Security Solutions to their customers. Find our more about the solution that we implemented in this case study.

Chatbot for Super Market

Chatbot development for a supermarket based retail client. Know more about the chatbot development solution here.

Warehouse and transportationmanagement system for third-partylogistics (3PL)

Warehouse & Transportation Management System for Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

A cloud-based logistics and supply chain management application developed by us for our client, a multinational Logistics company based in USA. Read this case study to know more about the Logistics and Supply Chain Management solution.

Student Loan Management

A solution developed for Student Loan application and management for a leading bank in Nigeria. Read more about this case study here.

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