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These Terms of Use are fixed on for the terms, conditions and rules controlling your use of the WeblineIndia Website. As a web services provider, we furnish our clients with all vital and easily accessible abundance of private, exposed and non-commercial knowledge. We strongly desire our clients to know completely of their rights and responsibilities along with us rightfully abounding to latest web and internet standards. While using the Website for any interest, you acknowledge and confirm to follow all terms and conditions included or referenced in these Terms of Use.

Entire contents of this website are protected by Copyright, Trademark and owned exclusively by WeblineIndia with justified intellectual property. We administer and amend or do justified activities on this site from our offices in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Except with special permit in written and signed by authority of WeblineIndia herein and in no other conditions any portion of the contents on this website can be reproduced in any type. General public, audience coming to website, users, clients or any others are strictly not allowed to change, publish, reuse, distribute, share, and develop imitative designs or works of any material acquired on this website for any commercial or public intention.

Information Privacy

To the whole, we have safe and fully secured system to store every piece of information through powerful server. Users visiting, exploring, accessing or using any page of this Website is supervised by all related civil, ongoing state and local laws including amendments at the time of any offence, if done.

Therefore, users are fully binding and obligatory to read and accept/agree all our privacy terms of use and policy described.

You accept the below

  • You will not misuse any portion, piece or part of this Website that is unjust or unlawful.
  • You will not perform any damaging acts and web hacking/jacking attacks on this website and its pages.
  • You will strictly not use this website or any of its part for putting, publishing or advertising and broadcasting pornographic data or content of any form/kind.
  • You will not crack or enter anything in this website nor shall embed or root any type of virus, spyware, key-logging tools, bombs, malware, Trojan Horses, Spam or any other tool or mechanism that works on automation and drives offences against the web, internet and computer on our website.
  • You are responsible for any comment, content or posts including links, photos, URLs and any other forms placed/put on the website as per your free will or contribution desire.
  • You fully accept, agree and admit that you will be responsible for any offences or criminal acts stated and included under criminal offences’ sections 65, 66, 66A,66B,66C,66D,66E,66F,67,67A,67B,84B and 84C of Indian Information Technology Act,2000 along with any modifications or changes applied.
  • You agree and confirm that you will be fully held responsible under section 43 and section 45 of Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 for compensating the damages like financial losses, reputational harm, client losses, opportunity losses and other charges for restoration and fixing.

Our Liability Control

  • Whether desired or forced, in any condition or circumstances WeblineIndia shall not be liable for any losses experienced by you due to the usage of any part or portion of the Website, including direct, indirect, special, sudden or any business hurdle or issues like information loss, programs suffered or any other critical data loss.
  • Also to the top level of permissions granted by law and related governing bodies, all terms, warranties, guarantees, representations, conditions and matters concerned for users not described specifically are hereby completely excluded.

Change in Terms and conditions

WeblineIndia is the sole authority and own all the rights and control to change and amend the above Terms at any time or period. Any change decided and made will immediately come into effect in this page.

Note: All logos, images, photos, and trademarks available on the website are the property of their respective owners.