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Whether you are new in the digital world or revamping your existing software, WeblineIndia is one of the trustworthy offshore outsourcing companies capable of offering outstanding .NET development services as your outsource partner. We make use of best tools and technologies to come up with powerful and scalable solutions. We have years of experience developing custom software solutions based on Microsoft .NET platform. .NET platform is well known for its robustness, security and scalability which is a primary need of any software for an enterprise business.

Our proven RelyShore℠ model for outsourcing of offshore software development, can benefit you and assure you of the best quality and cost-effective products and services.

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Top Outsourced .NET Development Services

Web Application

With the boom of internet and www, browser-based applications have become a necessity for businesses. The functionalities of desktop software have now moved to browser-based web applications. Web applications are easy to access from any device, anytime. However, web apps need to be fast, simple, and scalable to take care of ever changing business needs. That is what ASP.NET can do for a business to develop web apps.

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Web Application

We offer offshore development of Windows services and Web Services / APIs. Windows service is nothing but the component from Microsoft Windows which works to create long-running processes. They are the services which run in the background and processes without user intervention.

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.NET Services

From time and again desktop applications has proved to be quite beneficial to small, medium and large sized businesses. Desktop application solutions are built in such a way that it meets the requirements of the clients. We offer quite a wide range of offshore desktop application development solutions to our clients.

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Desktop Application

The need of windows mobile app has become a necessity for enterprise business. The field workforce and sales people needs to remain in constant touch with the company and clients. For any business it needs to have uninterrupted channels of communication which offers quality correspondence with their clients. This is where the importance of developing mobile apps from outsource firms that works well with your business comes into picture.

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Windows Mobile Application

Other .NET Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • .NET Application Performance Tuning
  • .NET Extension Development for Products
  • .NET Integration & Migration Services
  • 3rd Party.NET Customization
  • .NET Application Maintenance and Support

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.NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft. The framework has the ability to build robust and effective development services which can boost business sales. You can build web applications, desktop applications, and Window mobile apps by utilizing the .NET framework. It even offers a number of web services to help build high performing software solutions. WeblineIndia has years of experience in offshore .NET development and has successfully completed a number of projects as an offshore outsource partner to many companies.

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Why .NET Development?

The .NET framework comes with a highly-programming model along with a complete API set which helps to build amazing business solutions. .NET development services helps to build solutions for desktops and smartphones to ensure a medium of customer contact is left behind.

There are a few reasons why you should go for .NET framework for development services and they are:

Cross-Platform Compatibility

With .NET, it is possible to easily develop applications which work for a number of different devices. This has been established by reusing components. This is very important in current scenario as people use a wide range of devices.

Less Complexity

The enterprise applications can be quite complex depending on the functions they carry out. .NET architecture comes with a number of templates which makes it possible to streamline the corporate app projects easily. This reduces the ‘development to market’ time very much.

Improved Security

The .NET platform offers very good security to the products developed on the platform. This helps the enterprise applications to offer better data protection to the users. This is a very important feature of .NET in the current scenario as a small mistake can cost too much to the businesses.


Since its market launch in 2002, a large number of applications have been built on the framework. The projects have been successful and offered better performance over time. This is enough for the businesses to go for it.

Bundling & Minification

In case you want to improve the performance of your site then you need to opt for the feature of bundling and minification. This feature works to create bundle of scripts and stylesheets and bring down the scripts. This will help to reduce the load on the website to a great extent.

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