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Case Study

Chocolate Business Software Solution with Salesforce

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Discover how Salesforce’s tailored CRM solution empowered one of our client’s chocolate business; boosting productivity, efficiency and customer engagement while streamlining operations.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Experience Cloud
Einstein AI
Stripe Gateway
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12+ Years in the Online Chocolate industry



William is a specialist chocolatier with more than 12 years of experience in the chocolate industry. His shop William’s Delight faced several challenges when expanding his online chocolate business. The flood of customer questions and orders strained his ability to deliver a smooth customer experience. Managing the increasing volume of inquiries became progressively more difficult.

Order processing posed a sizable challenge, with manual techniques struggling to match rising demand. Keeping a personal connection with customers while scaling the chocolate business proved complex. He found gathering insights into customer tastes and market trends challenging.

Sustaining efficient customer interactions amidst the demand surge was unsustainable. The need to streamline operations emerged as his chocolate business persisted in rapid growth.

The Pain Areas

Several pain areas were identified for William’s Delight. Our software consultant pondered over all of them as they discussed the matter in detail with the business owner.

Overwhelmed by Customer Inquiries

The flood of customer questions strained his ability to deliver good service.

Manual Order Processing

Manual techniques struggled with rising order volume.

Business Continuation While Upgrading

Keeping a personal connection with customers while scaling was complex.

Limited Customer Insight

Gathering insights into customer tastes was challenging.

Inefficient Interactions

Sustaining efficient customer interaction was unsustainable.

Crucial Challenges

William’s Delight Business Operations

William’s Delight has been doing a great job on the grounds for the past several years. The key challenges faced while taking it on digital landscape were many. Technical experts had to identify each of them before they came up with a full-fledged Salesforce software solution.

Managing Customer Inquiries

The flood of inquiries made it difficult to deliver good customer service as the chocolate business expanded.

Order Processing

Manual chocolate order processing struggled to match rising demand.

Personal Customer Connections

Scaling up made it hard to maintain personal customer connections.

Customer Insights

Rapid growth made gathering customer insights challenging.

Efficient Customer Interaction

Customer interactions became unsustainable with rising demand.

Streamlining Operations

Rapid growth highlighted the need to streamline operations.

Inventory Management 

Tracking chocolate inventory was a new challenge. 

Training Employees 

Onboarding new staff while maintaining quality was a hurdle. 

Financial Planning 

Budgeting the expansion became increasingly complex. 

Supply Chain Management 

Managing the supply chain posed new logistical challenges. 

Our Salesforce Solution: The Path to Success

Key Features of Implemented Salesforce Solution for Chocolate Business

Omnichannel Support

Provides seamless customer service across multiple channels like phone, email, live chat, social media, and self-service options.

Upselling Recommendations

Leverages purchase history and trend data to suggest relevant upsells and cross-sells to customers.

CRM Integration

Integrated customer relationship management tools for a single source of customer data and interaction history.

Loyalty Programs

Builds customer loyalty, engagement and lifetime value through points-based rewards programs and tiered benefits.

Lead Management

Organizes, tracks, and scores leads to focus sales efforts on qualified opportunities efficiently.

Marketing Automation

Trigger personalized, timely communications to customers based on actions and preferences.

Contact Center

Smart call routing, monitoring, and analytics helps manage high call volumes and optimize the customer experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Actionable insights into customer behavior, campaign performance and overall business trends.

Order Processing

Automates the entire order management process with rules-based workflows for efficiency and accuracy.

Inventory Management

Maintains real-time visibility into inventory levels, product information, and supply chain data.

The outcome

William’s Delight Customized Salesforce Solutions


Increase in overall business efficiency


Increase in quick customer responses


Decrease in workforce overheads


Hike in overall chocolate sales


Accuracy in actionable insights 


More targeted marketing


Inventory/supply chain error

Long-Term Partnership

As William’s trusted Salesforce development partner, we continue guiding the chocolate company owner in leveraging Salesforce to transform customer and employee experiences. Through a long-term partnership built on trust, reliability and results, we deliver ongoing value through new capabilities, deeper adoption, optimized processes, and data-driven insights. Our relationship enables William’s Delight continued success. 

Ready to unlock the power of Salesforce CRM for your business? Partner with us for a long-term success.

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