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Our client is a renowned software development company operating globally.

Business Need

Businesses across the globe, including our client, are facing challenges in managing remote software development teams and tracking their activities. Effective project and task management, time tracking app, and productivity monitoring software are critical needs in today’s remote working environment, requiring a comprehensive software solution that seamlessly integrates all these functionalities into one software product. So, our client wanted to develop a Productivity monitoring and time tracking software for this business.

Client Situation

Our client operates a large remote team of software developers, struggling with project time tracking, task management, and productivity monitoring all integrated together in one software solution. The lack of such a comprehensive software solution was leading to miscommunication, inefficiencies, and sub-optimal productivity levels.


Frontend: AngularJS, HTML/CSS, JavaFX (for desktop applications)
Backend: Java Spring Boot, JPA / Hibernate / ORM, JTA, Core Java
Web: AWS (Amazon Web Services), AWS EC2 / Docker / EKS, AWS RDS, AWS CloudWatch, AWS S3, AWS Lambda

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Recommended Solution

Time Tracking Software solution developed by us seamlessly operates across various platforms including Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. It also integrates with Zoho Projects for a complete project lifecycle management software, and utilizes User Screen Tracking, Keyboard Mouse Activity Tracking, and Amazon S3 bucket storage for screen captures.

This time tracking software allows,


  • To log their daily work hours
  • To log their keyboard and mouse activity levels
  • To take screen captures of the work they are doing

Project Managers

  • To monitor progress
  • To monitor the actual work being done
  • To monitor the alert / productivity levels of their teams
  • To assign tasks
  • To derive insights from various KPI reports.

This productivity monitoring software has not only increased productivity and efficiency in the client’s remote operations but has also streamlined the management of their remote software development teams.


Post implementation of this Productivity Monitoring and Time Tracking Software, our client experienced significant improvements in several Key Result Areas (KRAs). This time tracking software has played a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and productivity levels across their remote software development teams.

  1. Improved Time Tracking: The software enabled precise tracking of employees’ work hours, promoting transparency and reducing discrepancies. Post implementation, our client reported a 30% decrease in time-related conflicts.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: The ability to monitor activity levels of keyboard and mouse led to a notable improvement in individual productivity. Our client reported an overall productivity increase of 25% within the first three months of implementation.
  3. Effective Task Management: With streamlined task assignment and progress monitoring seamlessly integrated with Zoho Projects, our client witnessed improved timely project deliveries.
  4. Informed Decision-Making: This Time Tracking software’s KPI reports provided critical insights into software team’s performance and productivity trends, enabling management to make informed decisions. Our client reported a 20% improvement in decision-making effectiveness due to these insights.

The efficacy of the Time Tracking and Productivity Monitoring Software developed by us deeply reflects in these statistical improvements, demonstrating its capacity as a robust and comprehensive software solution for managing remote software development teams. These results & feedback, received directly from our client, not only affirm our dedication to offering specialized software development solutions but also underscore our commitment to maintaining high quality and attaining the pinnacle of customer satisfaction.

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