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Trading Education Portal is subscription based platform which provides unique service related to managing Webinars, Videos, Online Courses, eBooks and Software to visitor of this platform. It has rich facility of Virtual Workspaces which helps a lot to save time. This platform provides charting and reporting with fully designed reports with full features. It has unique facility that it provides Live Market Trading. It also provides 1-Hour of LIVE Market Analysis every week so you can see how a real trader sets up their trading plan. It also provides introduction to Currency Trading, 4 on-demand video lessons that will teach you the basics of becoming a Forex trader covering everything from how the market works to equity management etc.

Trading Education Portal


  • User Management
  • Webinars, EBooks and Video Management
  • Blog and Articles Management
  • Live Market Analysis
  • Live Trading Session
  • Various Market and Trading Reports
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Newsletter Subscription


  • PHP
  • Drupal 7
  • MySQL

Important Achievement

Live Market Analysis.
Live Webinar management.
Email Notification.
Virtual Workspaces.
Live Trading Session.

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