Windows has always been a popular operating system. While it started off as the preferred operating system for personal computers and laptops, it has recently gained popularity on the mobile space too. Windows OS is being utilized for mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The most recent addition to the repertoire of the company is Windows 8.1. It comes on the heel of Windows 8’s success. This latest development brings along with it some high end features, as one might expect. Windows 8 was the company’s initial entry into the world of mobile, but 8.1 certainly has been developed with thorough experience of the field. Therefore, this all new Windows experience can be availed anywhere. Whether one is working on one’s tablet or notebook or even the workstation, Windows 8.1 can be expected to run seamlessly. Moreover, it isn’t very difficult to shift from older Windows versions to 8.1. This is another reason why this version seems to be riding on very high expectations from the users and the experts alike.

Visual Studio 2013

Most of the trusted and experienced applications developers, using Windows, shall have insightful knowledge about Visual Studio. This, debatably, is one of the most essential aspects of Windows development. With Windows 8.1 in the forefront, Windows has also brought out Visual Studio 2013. According to some of the experts, there are some fascinating features that this 2013 version of Visual Studio shall put on offer.

Dot Net 4.5.1

Another important improvement that the company has brought out is in the form of dot net 4.5.1. There isn’t anything major that has changed with this, but there are certain minor updates to the framework. It comes with improved diagnostics and debugging.

Retargeting the App to Windows 8.1

Many app developers are now of the opinion that they wish to manage and support their applications on Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1. This means that they would have to retarget their app to ensure that the user experience stays consistently superior.

Following are certain important things that might need to be done for the same:

  1. The developers will have to copy/fork their solution. This will be done to make sure that the application runs smoothly across platforms.
  2. Another important step for the same is to retarget each of the projects. Not retargeting any of the projects shall end up being ghastly for the developers.
  3. It is important to regularly fix any errors that crop up from time to time. Error rectification is an important aspect of retargeting.
  4. The application developers can update the code to take advantage of Windows 8.1 APIs and features
  5. Finally, if the developer so feels, s/he might make the desired changes as and when they become necessary.

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