The trend to hire React Native developers from India has not fade away even after years of outsourcing software projects. This is all due to React Native’s popularity.

React Native accounts for more than 30% of total cross-platform mobile frameworks used by app developers all around the world as stated by the research giant firm Statista.

Another report says that close to 15% of applications installed among the top 500 in the United States of America were built on React Native technology. Being the third most widely used mobile app development framework in the US, React Native has spread its wings worldwide and has now become one of the most loved technologies for building customized mobile apps with cross-platform software.

Hire React Native Developers from India

In this short but useful guide, we will discuss the steps and benefits of hiring React Native developers from India.

Hire freelance React Native developers or from an offshore company?

A million-dollar question is whether to hire freelancers for React Native app development or to sign a contract with a renowned offshore mobile app development company in India. The answer to this dilemma is quite clear – you should opt for the best offshore React Native app development company to hire React programmers.

Here is a clear comparison that clears the air:

Particulars  WeblineIndia React Native Developers (Dedicated Model) Freelance React Native Developers 
Business Development Manager  Provided  Not provided 
Dedicated App developers  Provided   Provided 
Project Manager  Provided  Not provided 
Shadow Resource  Yes  No 
Quality Assurance  Yes  Unsure 
Language Barrier  No  Unsure 
Tracking Tools   Provided  Unsure 
Dedicatedly Working on Only Your Project  Sure  Unsure 
Coding & Industry Standards  Followed  Not followed 
Team Scaling Up/Down  Possible  Not possible 
Designer, App Developer, QA, Consultant – all under one roof  Yes  Not available 
Post-production Support  Sure  Unsure 
Reliability and Professionalism  Yes  Unsure 
Strict NDA and Other Security Measures  Sure  Unsure 

Steps to hire React Native developers from India

You can outsource your React Native project to India, a renowned offshore hub and home to the most renowned software development companies where you find talented React Native programmers and consultants.

Here are simple steps to follow and ensure that you hire the best React Native developers from India –

Define your scope

Before you find React Native developers for hire offshore, you must clarify your project objectives and outline what you want. It should also include an anticipated timeline and budget constraints to streamline the hiring process. In all this, you should remember that all outlines are in alignment with your business goal.

Research and shortlist

To get the best React Native developers in India, you need to search and shortlist the best React Native development companies. While searching on the Internet or online directories, you should personally check the company’s overall experience in React Native development, its reputation in the market, reviews/rankings, and most importantly its branch in your region such as the US.

Select the best, build your team

Once you shortlist the best React Native app development companies in India, it is time to choose one. You may discuss your budget, and requirements, and match their expertise. Companies that have a solid portfolio in building quality mobile app development preferably in your industry are the best choice for you.

Most offshore React Native app development companies in India offer a few options of engagement models such as fixed, time and material, and dedicated. You may choose the one that suits your project and budget. You may also ask the app development company to help you select the one that gives you faster ROI.

Once the model and scope are defined and fixed, you can ask your tech partner to provide you with the best talent from the floor. In a way, you are now building your team of remote React Native developers. You may conduct interviews with selected candidates and explain your project thoroughly.

Fix the React Native tech stack

Every React Native project has unique requirements, and no common approach fixes all the issues and concerns. That said, according to your business goal, project scope, and product requirements, you need to fix the tech stacks used in the React Native development of mobile apps.

Make sure that when you hire React Native developers from an offshore company, they clarify their choices of the tech stacks. React Native and associated tools such as Redux, Expo, React Navigation, TypeScript, and Firebase are a few to name.

Fix the milestones and deliverables

Precaution is better than cure; hence, you need to mutually discuss and fix the milestones and deliverables of your outsourced React Native project. Professional offshore app development companies in India get you a timeline and roadmap for your entire software development lifecycle delivered according to milestones. You should also ask for the procedure for escalations that occurred if any.

Discuss post-production support and maintenance

Most of the buyers ignore the importance of post-production support and maintenance for their software products. Poorly maintained products will waste your time, resources, and money. Hence, when you hire React Native developers from India, you may clarify the matter of providing support for your end product later in the future.

Most of the offshore React Native development companies in India have support and maintenance plans customized for you; however, this may come with extra costs which is worth it considering the long-term benefits.

Where to find the best React Native developers for hire?

When it comes to outsource React Native developers, India shines as a beacon of talented software engineers. Among the plethora of available options for offshore mobile app development companies, WeblineIndia stands tallest because of its expertise, dedication, and client-centric approach. You can outsource your React Native development project as we are committed to excellence, and we seamlessly integrate with your business objectives.

Ready to hire remote React Native developers?

In a digital era dominated by mobile apps, harnessing the power of React Native development can proper your enterprise toward success. You can gain access to the best talent and skills by outsourcing your project to WeblineIndia. We offer you quality cost-effective React Native solutions that are scalable and feature-rich.

Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, you can hire React Native developers through various engagement models at WeblineIndia, your trusted offshore IT company in India.

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