Let us begin this piece of article by making some assumption. Given that you are reading this article here, we can assume that you are either a developer or a business owner. In either of these scenarios, there is a problem that you have recently been facing. This problem has arisen because of the mushrooming of various mobile application development platforms. Earlier, most developers used to indulge in native app development, and create applications for a particular platform. However, that scenario has completely transformed as users are now splitting between various different mobile platforms. That has led to the birth of cross-platform app development. As a developer, your concerns are about making your application work smoothly across different platforms without compromising the user interface of the same. On the other hand, a business owner is focused on reducing the money that s/he spends on the development of that application, and the time that it takes. That is where PhoneGap pitches in. It allows developers to create applications for multiple platforms without compromising the user experience. Here is more information about the platform and its various benefits.

About PhoneGap Cross-Platform Framework

PhoneGap has become increasingly popular in the recent times. It is a cross-platform framework that allows mobile application developers to create apps that seamlessly work across different platforms. The mobile apps, built using PhoneGap, make use of standardized web APIs for various mobile platforms.

All mobile developers have to cater to users who use different platforms. These platforms majorly include Android, Windows Phone, and IOS. That is why it becomes imperative to develop cross-platform applications to ensure that one applications runs across all platforms.

Features of PhoneGap

Here are some compelling features of PhoneGap:

Backend: The backend of any mobile development framework is extremely crucial. With PhoneGap, developers receive an innovative system that considerably reduces their development time. For the beginners, the beginner’s guide can come in really handy. Hence, new companies as well as enterprises with internal development team can get involved in the development of cross-platform applications.

Open Source: This software comes free to the developers, and that shrinks the total cost of development. The mobile developers can have their hand on all the new codes and modules that are being developed by the community. This again relates with the previous point that we mentioned. It helps those enterprises that want to involve in in-house development of applications.

Simple to Use: PhoneGap is essentially simple to use. A mobile developer can be required to create different genres of applications, and PhoneGap can be used to do it all. Moreover, a developer needs nothing more than working knowledge of such languages as Java Script, CSS3, and HTML5. Given that most developers are well acquainted with these languages, PhoneGap becomes one of the easier mobile platforms to use.

Advantages of PhoneGap

Here are some advantages of PhoneGap. These are with regards to those companies and enterprises that want to involve themselves in mobile development.

Compatibility: Cross-Platform app development will be fruitful when the interface of the app will be equally smooth across different platforms. While some of the previous platforms haven’t managed to achieve that feat, PhoneGap is known for its compatibility and adaptability with multiple mobile platforms. Enterprises benefit from this considerably because they can deliver a consistent message to their users. Having variable user experience can hurt the enterprise’s image.

This is also a major improvement over the older native app development techniques. With native development, a developer would first create an application for one platform and then replicate the same for other platforms. However, the users will always be able to see variations in the user interface and performance.

Simplicity: We mentioned earlier about the simplicity of application development with the PhoneGap platform. This means a lot for the enterprises as they can now use their internal development center to develop applications. This reduces the cost and makes it more convenient to develop and deploy applications. Enterprises, in the 21st century, are strapped of funds. They are exploring many avenues of saving cost. This simplicity of the PhoneGap platform works as one of the sources through which cost and precious man-hours can be saved.

Fewer Efforts: Think of this from an enterprise’s point of view. When they used to develop native applications, they have to expend time and money on developing applications for different platforms. However, with PhoneGap platform, they just need to develop the application once.

Using Smartphone Functions: One of the great advantages of native applications is the fact that they can use the smart phone’s various functions. Hence, the application can use things like the camera, geo-location hardware, the accelerometer, and others. Cross-platform applications were not capable of doing so till the recent past. However, PhoneGap allows developers to do exactly that. This means that the user interface of the application remains extremely good. Along with that, this also gives numerous options to the developers who can now come up with innovative applications that perfectly suit their requirement.

User Experience: Finally, one of the points that are worth noting is that the user experience that the developers can stitch using the PhoneGap platform is extremely crisp too. Along with all the benefits that we have mentioned above, such high level of user experience can make the entire process highly enriching and useful.

All of what we have said in this article can be validated by the thousands of applications that are already in the app store of various mobile platforms. Based upon the Adobe Cordova Project, it is a great tool for writing your app once and deploying it at multiple locations.

SUMMARY: Developers are being required to work on cross platform frameworks to be able to generate applications that work across different platforms. Android and IOS have become very popular, and Windows Phone is picking up too. In such scenarios, PhoneGap provides the desired techniques and features that allow for the development of user friendly cross platform applications.

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