The Eclipse community has launched its latest Eclipse 4.4 Luna with participation of 76 projects.

It is developed by nearly 340 Eclipse committers with 61 million code lines. Eclipse 4.4 Luna is a defined, developed and delivered coordinated release that will permit its users to update installations of Eclipse at a single go.

Eclipse 4.4 Luna – Release Teaser #3:

Read on the following few interesting highlights showcasing successful release of Eclipse 4.4 Luna by Eclipse Foundation:

Official Support For Java 8

The biggest highlight of this release is its official support for Java 8 in all popular Java development tools, Memory Analyzer, Object Teams, Xtext, Plug-in Development tools, Xtend, Eclipse Communication Framework, Web Tools Platform and Maven integration. The Eclipse Java Compiler (EJC) and JDT can enhance a particular coding language, search and refactoring, Quick Assist as well as Clean up that supports anonymous classes to migrate to lambda expressions and its advanced formatter options. Both, EJC and JDT editor are framed to handle lambda expressions, default programs and type annotations.

Incorporation of the dark theme

Visually a major change has been brought by incorporating a new option of ‘Dark Theme’. Eclipse 4.4 Luna will make it easy for programmers with poor vision. This advancement is a major modification in the Eclipse logo that was an awaited makeover for long in Eclipse 4.4 Luna can even change appearance of Eclipse IDE just as NetBeans or IntelliJ IDEA.

Release of new eclipse paho 1.0

This is an initiative where open source implementations of open messaging protocols will be provided to support M2M (Machine to Machine) integration in web as well as enterprise applications. Eclipse Paho 1.0 has Java, C/C++, Python as well as JavaScript included in client libraries for desktop and mobile devices.

API Recommendations

Extremely probable additions of intelligent codes have been made by code Recommenders. These codes are taken from the universe of Java 8 and nifty’s tool Snipmatch which will enable you to access expandable snippet library codes of API recommendations.

Support to OSGI R6 Specifications

The Eclipse communication project has raised the standard of Remote Service or Remote Service Admin to utilize Java 8’s CompleteableFuture in order to asynchronous remote services.

Improvement in Workbench UI

Sirius is a project that will enable the Eclipse committers to build their self-graphic modeling workbenches by using EMF, GMF and other related Eclipse Modeling technologies. The graphic modeler in Ecore project was based on Sirius EcoreTools.

With less popularity of the last version Eclipse IDE, Luna 4.4 is hopefully expected to restore success that was expected by the former. Eclipse 4.4 Luna has been raised by performance. Also, its workplace aspects have been optimized. One can experience its advanced granular details by simply executing its function.