Given that Weblineindia has developed such a wide range of sought-after applications, it becomes difficult to choose the best-in-breed. Here are the top 5 applications, though, that have received the most favorable audience response.

Prewatch Youtube: Here’s an app that allows you to preview your Youtube video before you actually watch it. It helps you save your precious time and bandwidth. The app is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows phone.


E-Cards: This application offers a great way to its users to send customized e-cards. By using pictures in the gallery and unique themes, you can create cards for birthdays, anniversaries, New Year, Valentine’s, love, friendship, etc.

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My Baby Day: If you are expecting a baby, this app has everything that you might need. From a weight/waist tracker to pregnancy picture gallery to a due date clock to your pregnancy journey and medical phone directory to friend messaging tool for announcing the baby’s birth, it’s got all that you need to make this memorable occasion all the more special.


Patient-Tracker: This is a useful app for nurses and doctors to maintain complete record of the patients including their information, medicines, etc.


WhatsApp Msg: If you are a WhatsApp lover, this app will certainly enhance your experience and make it simpler for you to stay connected with your friends.