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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Why organizations of the new generation are willing to bring in intelligent automation?

Nowadays, organizations are constantly striving for productivity improvements in their daily operations. RPA - Robotic Process Automation – enables automation of various manual business processes by creating the Digital Bots. It can be applied to any repetitive, rule-based processes, and high volume jobs which are normally performed manually. Software robots mimic human-like manual interaction with UI of software applications.

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Our Offerings

At WeblineIndia, we offer RPA implementation services for:

  • Desktop, Web apps and Citrix implementations
  • Mainframe computing
  • ERP modules
  • MS Office 360, SharePoint and MS Dynamics implementations
  • Repetitive Tasks and Workflows
  • Data and Screen scrapping techniques
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Our approach towards successful RPA Implementation

WeblineIndia is quite versed with a well-defined approach towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We follow Best Practices on RPA Implementation:


It’s always difficult to understand and adopt newer technologies in an organization. Challenges like lack of knowledge & support for innovative idea on daily operations makes it to continue with whatever way currently it is. WeblineIndia can assist to beat such challenges using RPA to stay relevant in competitive digital age.


We explore exact business case possibilities where involvement of technology can impact the most within the system. A proper Analysis is carried out to clearly identify the processes that can be automated, and not all. POC (Proof Of Concept) is created at the end of analysis along with identification of suitable RPA Tool.

POC Development

The POC will be developed showcasing all necessary aspects of To-Be-Automated system. Once accepted, we move towards the next step of development and implementation of entire RPA system on DEV/TEST/PROD environment respectively.

Actual Implementation

Our RPA Team works on Bots development with thorough review and testing, to enforce a very high quality of scalable Bots. We make sure regulatory compliance on data security and privacy are addressed to same extent as before. Lastly, an effective Business Continuity Plan is put in place to tackle any sort of contingencies.

Maintenance & Support

Round the clock support ensuring smooth transition to newly adopted RPA enabled solution. Production monitoring and training assistance to make sure it’s Business As Usual operations once settled down. Options for regular AMS services for long term engagement.

Continuous Improvement

Assessment of post Go-Live performance by evaluating it against objectives defined initially. Look forward for betterment options with subsequent requests as part of a structured process change. Strict adherence to well defined change management and governance mechanism to control all the changes thereafter.

Benefits Of RPA Solution

  • Reduced human efforts and errors
  • Tireless Digital Workforce
  • Reduced TAT (Turnaround time)
  • Real time Audit compliance with digital logs
  • Increased productivity and annual savings
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