Plugins have come to play an important role in the development of websites. They add a new dimension to the websites and help developers in achieving specific objectives of theirs. In this blog, we aspire to speak about five different plugins. These are all very popular plugins and play different roles for the developers. In terms of choice-making, we decided to select different types of plugins to share here today. Hence, there are some which are interesting and there are others which are here purely on the basis of their functional merit. Some of these are meant to help you transform the way your site appears, and some others will assist you in controlling the way in which the users access your website. Following is a list of the top 5 WordPress plugins that we think all developers should use:

WELCOME POPUP: Do you want to create a special welcome page for all visitors to your website? It is an effective strategy because it creates an immediate impression in the minds of the people. First impression is the last impression, they say, and this WordPress plugin can help you make a strong first impression. Developed by Tecxperts of Weblineindia, this plugin will display a welcome popup as soon as the visitor lands on your website. This fully customizable plugin offers various options. For example, you have the liberty to decide whether this welcome popup should be displayed every time or only when the visitor lands on the website. Moreover, you can also decide whether you want to show Display Never link on the welcome page. There are many other such options which make this Welcome Popup a hit among developers.

WORDPRESS SEO BY YOAST: This is another plugin that has received instant popularity from the developers. More than 7 million downloads of the plugin speak volumes about the credentials of the same. One of the core reasons for its popularity has been the simplicity of the app and the complete range of functions that it offers. So, what is this plugin about? It does exactly what it name says. It is meant to abet your search engine optimization efforts for your website. It is very simple to use too. It is as simple as just installing the plugin and putting it to work. The plugin has received rave reviews from the developers.

SEXY POLLING: This polling plugin, for your website, comes with some ‘Sexy’ features. This is another plugin where its name exhibits exactly what it does. It helps you create polls in a very lucid fashion. The plugin provides multiple options to the developers like creating end dates for the poll, allowing the users to add their own answers, and a votes progress feature. In short, this feature-rich plugin is certainly a must have for any developer.

GOOGLE AUTHOR LINK: Google Authorship is known to be highly useful to the developers in improving search engine results. This plugin can help the developers do precisely that. Let us first understand what Google Authorship does. It links back your blog to your Google Plus account. Hence, whenever you post something on your blog, it is automatically updated on Google Plus. This also helps in making your content appear on top when it is searched for on Google. Therefore, if you are seriously concerned about having a strong presence on the World Wide Web, this is the ultimate option for you. The Google Author Link plugin is your tool to adding Google authorship to your blog/website. You don’t need to worry about any complicated procedures. It is simple, easy, and effective.

LIST SUBPAGES: This is another Plugin that comes from the house of Weblineindia. This is a fully customizable plugin, and is meant to list the subpages for the current parent website. It allows you the option of personalizing the title and creating different types of setting options to display the subpages or parent pages list as per the requirement. Additionally, it also establishes a ‘sub pages’ widget and dynamically generates a ‘Sub_Page’ shortcode with varying parameters.

This is a list that we compiled for you. If you wish to share some WordPress plugins that you love, we are all ears.