If you are just starting an ecommerce shop than programmers will often confuse you whether to use BigCommerce or use Shopify? There is always a debate or dilemma regarding which one is the best and appropriate to use as per individual’s business. Both these platforms have their own pros and cons. Indeed every business has its own requirement and objectives and it solely depends on its will which platform to choose. In the debate of this topic, there is no winner or loser.

Time is money in any business and hence a business always looks forward to opt for an ecommerce platform that is cost savvy as well as less time consuming. Deciding the best one among these two is a daunting task. However a right decision is to be made among the two so that an organization does not have to switch to another platform at the later stage.


Practical Trial For Free

Rather than understanding it orally, it is better to have a practical ride of both of these ecommerce builders. A free trial is offered by many companies that will ease your decion making process of which one to choose. There really is no other best way then having a trial of both the online store builder. And when you gave no cost to incur for the trial why not try it out for our convenience?

Here are few factors in which an online store builder must be a master in order to be the best one:

1. Themes / Design/ Layout
2. E-Commerce tools
3. Support Service
4. Marketplace – Experts
5. Apps – to extend functionality and features of your store
6. Credibility
7. Pricing
8. Conclusion

Stunning Themes

Frankly we find no online store website that appears to be ugly, hard to navigate or less reliable to place an order for the product or services. Prospective customers are welcomed through a stunning and professional storefront which enhances sales. People pay attention to beautiful things as they get attracted. Both these online store builders give hundreds of layouts to choose for your store as per your liking. Shopify offers impressively designed themes that make your store look credible. However few themes of Shopify are free while some are paid. On the other hand BigCommerce offers you complete free package of themes. A BigCommerce developer will create a customized theme for you as well.


Both the store builders have awesome ecommerce tools for growth of the store. Shopify has advanced tools that helps your business to go to another level. BigCommerce offers comprehensive tools for business growth. These tools of BigCommerce are more advanced as those of Shopify.


Both these builders offer you solid support them to operate theses platforms as a part of your business. They manage all technological distractions efficiently and help in making correct decisions. Both these online store builders have round the clock support team to serve clients any time required during an emergency.

Both these have their own advantages yet if you are not clear take a trial before making any decision.

We offer wide-range of Shopify development services that help transform the eCommerce experience for business owners as well as online shoppers.