WeblineIndians Spent a Day Full of Fun at Polo Forest

WeblineINDIA is one of the leading web, mobile, and software development company. The company is known not just for its hard working employees, but also for the way in which they party together. As a way of rejuvenating its employees, WeblineINDIA organizes an annual picnic. This time around, Polo Forest was where this team of I.T. experts headed. Accompanied by their kids and spouses, the employees spent a day full of fun, adventure, and thrills – something that was the ideal backdrop for a successful last year and a preparation for the year to come.

ABOUT POLO FOREST: Polo Forest surrounds the city of Vijaynagar, Gujarat. The city is also called the gateway to Rajasthan. So strategic is this city that it was used in the ancient times to protect princely states against invaders and other enemies. It is tucked between sacred hills on the east and west, and the mystery of abandonment in the form of decay. The history of this place goes even prior to the times of the princes. In fact, this city (earlier known as Polo city) also has a mention in the Puranas.

In terms of all the visitors to this place, there is a lot that it offers to the revelers. It is a perfect setting for all nature lovers, especially the ones who love adventure. Weblineindians spent a large part of their time bird watching with their kids, trekking on the hills, hiking, dancing, and even clicking pictures of the scenic surroundings. The place is also renowned for its Jain Temple and Harnav damsite. All in all, it is a perfect venue to spend a fun-filled day.


The picnic was organized on the 11th of July. With monsoons having set in already, it is a beautiful time to visit the forest as it is glowing with greenery. The guide for the tour was Mayur Rathod, a trekker who loves working with kids & trekkers.

Going by what happened in the previous events at WeblineINDIA, the drive to the place was expected to be the most exciting part of the trip. That’s exactly how it happened to be. Various activities were planned on board the bus. It all started with singing and dancing before some other games and activities were played. Time passed by very quickly as we traveled through Gujarat’s well-structured highway network to reach the Polo Forest.

As soon as we landed there, every one quickly donned the trekking avatar. For some of the Weblineindians, this was going to be their first time trekking and hiking. This made them thoroughly excited about the entire plan of action. They wouldn’t be disappointed as all of us indulged in some thrilling activities including trekking and hiking in the forest.

After a long day of enjoyment, thrill, and adventure; we made our way back to Ahmedabad.


These trips every year are not just a way of team building and distressing, but they also help all of us focus on the future. After a successful last year, we deserved a break that we received in the way of this picnic. Now, we are all motivated and prepared to work hard in order to achieve great success in the upcoming year before we can plan another memorable trip to a new destination.