Mobile apps tend to take up a large part of the time that users spend on the internet. We aren’t alien to stats which have suggested that mobile devices are soon expected to surpass PCs as the major platform used by internet users. Under such circumstances, it is interesting to note that out of the time that mobile users spend on the internet, 86% of it is spent on apps. The same number in the year 2013 was 80%. The breakup of the kind of applications being used suggests that mobile users are open to diverse experiences. This enhances the prospects of those businesses that have just availed the power of mobile app development or are expected to do so in the near future.

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However, not all businesses are yet convinced with the potential that mobile apps offer. Given that you have read this article thus far suggests that you are trying to explore an answer to that question yourself. We understand that many business owners still believe that mobile apps are just meant for the large players or they are already connected with their customers and there is no room for improvement.

Following is our attempt to elicit points that describe why it is critical for businesses of all sizes to have a mobile app:

Generate repeat business: Having a mobile application enhances your chances of generating repeat business. Firstly, when you avail mobile application development you can manage to escalate your service level. The customers’ experience is enhanced due to the personal connection that you build via your application. Secondly, an app makes it simple for them to contact you. You can be reached at any time. Both these points make it possible for you to generate repeat business.

Boost website traffic: Another benefit of having a mobile app is that it helps you increase traffic to your website. There are millions of visits that app stores receive. In this case if your app is properly optimized and offers a solid value proposition, you would receive significant number of downloads. However, that also means that you can increase visits to your website. If the application offers a link to the website, it allows the users to connect to the same. It is always great to have more visitors to your website.

Customer Insights: Applications are also a good way of generating customer insights. Modern day businesses are about learning and unlearning. In other words, all that worked for you in the past might prove redundant today. Therefore, it is imperative that you make efforts to know what do the customers think about you. Such attempts to generate customer insights shall help you identify your most profitable and promising regions, demographic segments, customer needs and overall performance. Additionally, you also manage to receive reviews from the customers about your performance. In short, it is the perfect way of gearing your deliverables to meet the customers’ needs.

Viral Marketing: Another advantage of mobile applications is the fact that they create possibilities for word of mouth. In today’s times, many buying decisions are being made on the basis of recommendations and reviews. With the help of innovative mobile applications, you can get people talking about you. That in turn can lead to positive word of mouth that can bring about positive results for your business.

Progressing with the times: Past experiences suggest that business success is reserved for those who have had the guts to move ahead with the times. It is way too easy to stay rooted in the old times, but it is that much more challenging to discard previous ideas and adapt new ones. Many experts are of the opinion that the mobile era has arrived. If you are not there, you are giving a simple passage to your competition. They might explore the possibilities before you do and that severely affects your competitive position.

First mover advantage: The interesting part of mobile application development in the current phase is that there are numerous opportunities to be explored. In other words, you can differentiate yourself because the geography of mobile apps is not completely occupied yet. Hence, you can benefit from the first mover advantage. It allows you to be innovative and considerably enhance your customer experience.

Improved reach: As a growing business, you need publicity. You want people to know about you, and therefore your reach is extremely important. It is important for your audience to be aware about your offerings and have an emotional connect with you. Given that most mediums of advertising are extremely expensive, a mobile application can serve you well. It is a great way of personally reaching out to your customers.

New source of revenue: Some of the most prominent business leaders believe that small and medium businesses need to always focus on boosting their top line. In other words, one needs to concentrate on increasing the revenues and the profitability will automatically be enhanced. This infers that you should never ignore any possible chances of gaining business. That is what applications can do for you. Mobile app development isn’t extremely expensive, but it certainly heralds the opportunity of earning incremental returns.

Be where your customers are: Finally, one of the most crucial reasons for availing the power of mobile app development is that it allows you to be where your customers are. The customers are currently on mobile devices and ignoring that medium of marketing can cost you dear. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for businesses of all sizes to have mobile apps in order to engage their customers. It might sound brazen but soon mobile apps can be expected to be as common as websites. Like businesses can’t survive without a website, they would also need to have mobile apps to mark a successful presence.

We, at Weblineindia, are involved in mobile application development since the time of the concept’s birth. We know what it takes to create applications that meet the unique needs of businesses. If you are confused about the kind of application that will suit you, contact us and we would be happy to connect with you and offer expert advice. Our endeavor is to allow all businesses to be able to make an educated decision about mobile app development for their business.