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Case Study

AI-Powered Email Content Generator with High ‘Open Rate’

Industry: [CATEGORY]

Client introduction: A Well-Known Fintech & Banking Company

Tools and Technologies: 

Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
GPT 2.0 / GPT 3.0
OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo LLM
Flask Framework
AWS Lambda
Kubernetes / Docker
Jupyter Notebook
Visual Studio Code

Business Challenge

For every occasion, festive season, or routine email shooting, the client grappled with the challenge of crafting persuasive email content optimized to their product for banking & insurance segment. Their teams invested a significant amount of time and effort into brainstorming and building sales-oriented pitches and thus started feeling the pressure of looming deadlines. They started lacking creativity while crafting sales-oriented content resonating with target customers within time and budgeted manpower.

The manual process started resulting in remarkable resource expenditure and soon they recognized a grave need for a more capable and scalable solution which has adopted latest tech of Artificial Intelligence (AI / ML). The Fintech client started exploring alternatives to address their concerns and help their marketing team with a rock-solid software tool that handles all email content generator requirements.

Cracking The Deal At The First Meeting

The company contacted WeblineIndia with their concern. Knowing their segment, we deployed the best team experienced in AI development. The AI consultants were briefed with the issue of generating relevant yet versatile content for their email marketing.

The deal at the first meeting

The Business Challenge

The quest for an AI-powered email content creator stemmed from a grave need to streamline the email content creation process with accuracy, relevancy, and swiftness every time and often.

We gathered the requirements and proposed our technical expertise in building a quality and customized AI-enabled email content generation tool that would solve the company’s problem once and for all. The very first meeting was fruitful as the client agreed to our proposed solution. And we got a green signal.

The Solution

The solution we proposed was a cutting-edge tool that harnessed the power of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLG (Natural Language Generation) techniques with help of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) based Large Language AI Models (LLM) like ChatGPT to revolutionize the way email content is created. The AI model will be customized to generate contextually rich email content and through logic-based training, the model would ensure proper syntax in sentences adhering to the rudiments of English language for grammar and tailored towards the local country demographics and linguistic tone.

Beyond email body content generation, the AI-enabled tool will also generate captivating headlines/subject lines, salutations, and sign off encapsulating the essence of business message overall. It also helped in suggesting curated images based on the relevance of email body content and based on various AI image models like GAN / RCNN.

The Solution

A gamut of the tech stack

Content generation for an email requires a special approach. The content is expected to be professional, sales-oriented, and yet reader friendly. On top of it, the client wanted to generate the subject line, salutation, and sign off greetings.

Sheer use of Artificial Intelligence with NLP / NLG / RAG based LLM (ChatGPT) were thought to be the foundation of this software tool. These technologies can understand the sentiments of the input in texts. AI’s capability of generating texts according to various occasions such as festivals was used. NLP and NLG produced various copies of email content with conditional approach and product description.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing or NLP utilizes an algorithm to analyze keywords in the text input before extracting the insight on users’ sentiment and intention. After it understands the context behind the input, NLP helps other algorithms to have an idea about personalized content that addresses each concern. The final content will be engaging and straight on the pitch.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

The Natural Language Generation or NLG is a great companion of NLP as it complements its task by automatically creating context-based extracted insights. The algorithms behind Natural Language Generation produce coherent messages using innumerable predefined templates. It incorporates keywords traced through NLP analysis. Ultimately, as a result the content produced is personalized content for emails at scale and driving sales while fostering reader’s satisfaction.

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

The Retrieval-Augmented Generation or RAG are knowledge intensive task which take external source data as guidance along with text generation model. RAG models can store and remember context from previous prompts for a long duration to generate more relevant text. This also has created a new field of Prompt Engineering.

AI Alchemy – Turning Keywords into Key Content 

The AI-content generation tool serves as an input entity where users just type keywords and some raw concepts or ideas about the expected email content outcome. A highly technical mechanism of Artificial Intelligence and its related algorithms starts working once the user hits the processing action.

The Results: Measurable Improvement

The fintech company witnessed a remarkable improvement in engagement and leads generated through AI email content generator tool deployed on their machines.

There was a significant improvement in their email outreach efforts after implementing the AI software customized to identify the sentiments from the input texts and generate sales-oriented fruitful email content with subject line, body, salutation, and sign off remarks.

Client Satisfaction Result of AI-Powered Email Content Generator


This case study demonstrates the power of AI generated email content drafts that significantly reduced human efforts while assuring effective marketing campaign.

Enterprises can leverage the features and functionalities of contemporary technologies such as NLP and NLG to generate professional and impactful outreach email content that has demonstrated significant improvement in lead generation, sales pipeline growth, and ultimately increase in revenue.

If you are interested to leverage AI in your business operations and reduce human efforts with increased efficiency, contact us today for a Free consultation.

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