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Client is a primary stake holder of a reputed Social Enterprise in US who works to stop bullying incidents happening in schools, colleges and many other places.

Business Need

Client wanted to stand by every victim of Bully incident, who just keep on suffering, as normally they don’t report bullying incidents or avoid reporting bully incidents, due to lack of proper platform in place. Being a Social Entrepreneur, he firmly believed that a tech solution like a anti-bullying app or a anti-bullying website which helps the victims to report bullying incidents could play a vital role and help eliminate this nuisance at Schools/Colleges/Universities or at any vulnerable places. Such Anti-Bullying software solution can empower every kids, parents and thereby contribute towards socio-economic growth of the society.

Client Situation

Client realized that majority of developed countries have high number of bullying incidents at school, college and university levels even if there are zero tolerance policies in place. Places of interactions are prone to bullying at odd hours.


Backend System: PHP/Laravel, MySQL Database

iPhone App: xCode IDE, Apple iOS SDK, UI Kit, High Carts API, Google Analytics

Android App: Android Studio IDE, Google Android SDK, High Carts API, Google Analytics

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Recommended Solution

Looking at the seriousness of the issue, our role was very critical to provide a highly effective solution which helps our client to achieve his mission to stop bullying and also enable the victims to report bullying incidents without any hurdles. The Anti-Bullying Software Solution that we built is a Web & Mobile app platform that provides SaaS based solution. Anti-Bullying web Interface provides access to Super Admin to manage and control entire solution and Anti-Bullying Mobile App can be used by Kids, Parents, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Counselling Authority.

Key Features

  • Kids can setup parent’s contacts, emergency contacts for quick access.
  • Bullying occurrences can be reported by victims in the form of text, audio and video either with identity or can also be reported anonymously.
  • Even a witness can report bullying incident either anonymously or disclosing self-identity.
  • Incidents are notified with GPS location information to trace and provide location based emergency help.
  • Registered parents can manage their kids details and School/College/ University information.
  • Parents can monitor occurrences and past resolution details for their kids and also receive real time notification in case of any misconduct
  • School, College and University authorities can view/manage students detail and assign support staff to help stop bullying incidents.
  • The solution also offers mechanism to spread awareness by providing preventive measures tips.
  • BIM (Bully Incident Management) framework developed by us also provides effective mechanism for incident management, tracing & analytics reports, smart dashboard and real time notifications.
  • Client is able to manage the Counselling Authority to handle cases which are outside the purview of School/College/University authorities. They engage necessary body to resolve particular issue on case-to-case basis.
  • System admin can manage enrollment, dashboards, reports and notifications.


  • Anti-bullying web and mobile app solution enabled victims and witnesses to report Bullying incidents at School, Colleges, University, neighbourhood or any vulnerable places. The reporters are no longer passive victims who keep on suffering.
  • Concerned authority is able to monitor and address the bullying issues with timely resolutions.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities are able to promote a Bully FREE healthy environment.
  • Relaxed Parents! There is no more worry about kids to fall prey to Bully.
  • Client’s social entrepreneurship mission justified as the efforts are being recognized at different levels.

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