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The client has worked with many healthcare & fitness companies providing Health Tracking Services. Client’s primary mission is to transform different innovative ideas in the healthcare industry into reality through building unique health tracking apps.

Business Need

Client wanted to build a best Diabetes Tracker App which helps in blood glucose tracker, blood sugar tracker, diabetes control, etc. Diabetes app should also provide recommendations based on the user’s assessment history, demographics, lifestyle, symptoms and clinical information.

Client Situation

The main challenge was to develop a diabetes tracking platform (web and mobile app) where all their targeted users can check diabetes risk level and receive recommendations to control diabetes risk through registered healthcare & fitness channels and industry experts. Client also wanted to provide real-time synchronization of data between website and mobile app.


Backend System: Java, J2EE, Spring Boot with REST API, AngularJS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon Relational Database Service for MySQL (AWS RDS)

iOS Application: Swift, XCode

Third Party Libraries: Crashlytics, Firebase, Google AdMob

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Recommended Solution

Our healthcare app developers implemented an integrated platform for diabetes tracking app and web application. The main features our app developers implemented were,

  • Users can submit their assessments mainly in four different categories like Existential (Age, Family History), Lifestyle (Diet, Exercise), Symptoms Input (Pain, Urgency, Stress) and Clinical Factors (Measures, Medications).
  • Users can submit assessments on a daily basis using Single Sign-On based social login (Google/Facebook).
  • Users can track their blood sugar level / blood glucose level and analyze their weekly charts.
  • Users can receive recommendations for exercises and diet guidance to control diabetes and blood glucose level.
  • Users can also follow registered health channels with different tabs like Medical, Doctor, Activity, Diet etc.
  • Users can easily synchronize Glucometer readings with a mobile solution which will store glucose data on the server for reporting purposes.
  • SDK uses bluetooth technology to read the glucometer data. It has capability to read from many well known glucometer devices.
  • Mobile application has integration with many other 3rd party libraries like Crashlytics to trace any crashes that happened, Firebase Analytics to track user activities and Google Admob to serve the banner Ads for showing specific types of Ads for Diabetes Patients.


The diabetes tracker app that we developed for our Healthcare client was recognized as one of the best diabetes apps by leading doctors and medical practitioners. Key highlights are,

  • Users are successfully able to cope with track and control high blood sugar level issues.
  • Diabetes App users always remain in charge of their health by controlled diet and regular medicine intakes.
  • Users with Prediabetes can proactively control their sugar/ glucose level using timely information and recommended guidelines.
  • Client got various ideas about user activities and which features end users are using frequently. That enabled them to improve the application features.

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