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Our client is one of the leading service provider based in USA, offering unique solutions for the construction industry. Our client helps construction companies in USA with building plans.

Business Need

Client wanted to develop a platform where all their targeted construction companies can be on-boarded by system admin. Moreover company admin should be able to manage their project team members with their contacts based on invitations to join this platform. Client also wanted,

  • To manage their various construction plan projects along with import and export function of the project documents from various document sources like file storage, cloud storage, etc.
  • To handle project team’s task, daily task reporting, calendar events & meetings schedules along with an interactive notification system.
  • To control project team wise Role within the system for role based access permissions. Admin user should have access of tabular and graphical reports for their project team.
  • Most importantly, Client wanted to have effective plan editing engine to manage various types of annotations with easy to use editor’s tool like pen, line, rectangle, oval, text, audio, video over their construction plan’s PDF document file.

Client Situation

Client was not having team collaboration system in place thus their activities like construction projects management, task management, document management, plan editing, their co-ordination based meetings, events and conversation were handled manually and it was overall increasing more cost to execute any construction project.

Project team members were spending more time to manage their internal co-ordination and updating their supervisors and stakeholders. And their working pattern within the team was also not uniformly managed to improve their work quality and time.


Backend System & Web client

  • Java, MongoDB, GWT, OCR.

Android App

  • Android Studio IDE, Google Android SDK, Dropbox API, Google Drive API, Google Analytics, In-app billing subscription, FCM push notification API integration.

iOS App

  • xCode IDE, Apple iOS SDK, UI Kit, Dropbox API, Google Drive API, Google Analytics, Apple In-app subscription library.
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Recommended Solution

We designed an easy to use Construction Plan Builder solution to easily onboard all the targeted end users through contact based invitation and regular user on-boarding. Admin staff members were able to use web control panel to manage different on-boarded users, and various user reports.

With highly interactive UI/UX, users can easily manage their construction plan and documents detail with advance filtering and sorting functionalities. Construction admin members can manage their team, task assignment, daily task reporting, advanced annotation based editor for their plan document, and reporting.

Different type of add-ons were provided as part of the solution, which includes import and export of documents to well known cloud systems like Dropbox, ORC based annotation to provide high speed PDF editor, online Zoom meeting integration, subscription based in app purchase, visual chart based reporting, multiple platforms support like mobile, web and iPad/tablet support, push notification integration etc.

Various features like Calendar events, meeting schedules and notes were integrated to enhance team’s overall co-ordination.


Construction Plan Builder solution seamlessly connected and provided collaboration to different stakeholders involved to manage their construction plan activities.

  • Mobile app helps in providing offline data and sync to manage construction project team’s documents, plans, tasks, plan editing. Two way data synchronization allows to update each team member’s important data over centralized application server.
  • Construction project team can also utilize this collaboration tool to optimize their project execution time, get benefit of collaboration within team by managing scheduled calendar events, meetings, and different activity based notification system.
  • App provides easiest way to load heavy plan document in digital format quickly and provide their quick annotation based editing feedback with plan builder’s smart annotation editor engine. Every editing activity can be managed with different file versioning to trace and evaluate history of different architectures and supervisors’ feedback.
  • This platform helps our client to generate revenues from various construction companies through their defined subscription based plan to use this platform’s service and data storage usage over the application server.

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