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Client is a startup company based in USA, offering different kind of games for social enthusiast

Business Need

Client wanted to create a unique game combining concept of traditional tic-tac-toe game with social check-in. Players need to mark each and every block of tic-tac-go game with real time check-in to different location associated with the block. Client thought of many complex rules, logic, points and rewards mechanism to be incorporated for making it completely unique Gaming solution.

Client Situation

Client and their team didn’t have a know how about how to build such kind of game but they were clear in terms of concept, outcome in terms of UI/UX & easy navigation flow.

Client was looking for highly experienced technical experts to develop their dream product for mobile users.

Good server environment/architecture and technically competent team were essential because of many complex features.

Client also planned to include many complex business logics and scenarios in the system and wanted to have a provision to support all future changes without changing underlying architecture.

Client also wanted to synchronize and manage social check-in based location data on their own server for future business use so they wanted to have very deep integration with foursquare platform to get data and synchronize with their own server.


iOS – Xcode, Instruments, iPhoneSimulator & Devices, .NET Framework 3.5 – ASP.NET, Web Service API, SQL Server 2008

Foursquare Services integration

Server Infrastructure

  • 2 Dedicated Database Server (high configuration) with load balancer
  • 4 different virtual servers (high configuration) to host the backend
  • File server to save the images and game related data
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Recommended Solution

Our mobile and server technology experts closely worked with client to make sure easy to use mobile application is delivered together with stable server environment for best performance and load management.

Server technology experts configured quite robust and future proof architecture and design to handle any kind of load and manage performance tuning without much changes at development side.

Best possible approaches implemented for each business requirement to handle social check-in, location management and data synchronization.

Social platform integration experts outlined best possible workflow to integration system with foursquare platform and also to synchronize its data with client’s system for future business use and building a parallel location data provider system.

End user privacy was preliminary concern and appropriate measures considered in terms of showing limited information and also saving data in encrypted mode.


This game had very good market acceptance due to its familiar subject (as “Tic-Tac-Toe”) and unique fusion with social check-in at registered business locations.

End users really liked the way whole game concept is combined together along with different wow factors like using boosters, rewards, badges, points and facility to capture photo and video to tag at checked-in location.

Increasing user base also helped client in building their own collection of location data based on foursquare platform.

Client also tied up with different businesses for bringing audience to their registered business locations by promoting those businesses more in the game for social check-in.

Overall, client succeeded in their vision of creating a unique game which can provide different type of experience to social enthusiast

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