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Case Study

Memoriam Application, A Digital Legacy

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The US-based client owns a Mobile app development company which is known to provide innovative solutions in the field of lifestyle and social setup. The client’s company has developed hundreds of applications that found almost a permanent place on users’ smartphones, this time the subject was quite unique, and they did not want to take any chance. The client aimed at getting the best application that matches their vision at affordable rates though not compromising on quality.  

Tools and Technologies: 

Firebase Crashlytics
Firebase Analytics
Visual Studio Code

The emotional thought

The client called it an emotional thought and not a business idea because the purpose of building this application would be beyond monetary gains. There have been thousands of applications to celebrate, cherish, or cheer occasions of all kinds such as birthdays, baby showers, graduation, Christmas, and the like; nevertheless, there has been an immense need of sharing sorrowfulness to lighten the burden of grief among bereaved families.

The client got an emotional thought of building an application that would connect deceased people’s friends, colleagues, and family members with each other and share the memory of the holy departed soul. Sharing condolences and memories of a late person would help the affected ones lighten their grief.  

The purpose

The client believed that there is no way anyone would not remember the late person who shared great moments with you. In fact, sharing memories in terms of photos, videos, chat, and other stuff is like a tribute to the beloved person who is no longer in this world.

It is scientifically proved that sharing the same emotions buffers stress* and, therefore, promotes wellbeing. All the family members, colleagues, partners, friends, and other acquaintances can connect with each other and talk about the departed person in a good way.

This way, the stories associated with a late person would stay alive forever as history in the application. As and when required, anyone can revisit the moments to cherish the happiness and sweet memories shared with someone who is on their eternal journey.

*Townsend, S. S. M., Kim, H. S., and Mesquita, B. (2013, December). Are you feeling what I’m feeling? Social Psychological and Personality Science. doi: 10.1177/1948550613511499. 

What made us think of something unique? 

While other mobile applications have a clear goal, business, this requirement was beyond it. Since the client was emotionally attached to their thoughts, our primary goal was to include emotions in the application.

Thinking from a perspective of the gravest events in anyone’s life, making an application that should not look commercial and only surface emotional tenderness was the goal for our mobile app developers and designers.

The solution and execution

At WeblineIndia, we have designed, developed, and deployed innumerable applications for web and mobile phones. The project of Memoriam application came as a big challenge because it required our programmers’ emotional quotient to be triggered and work. While most of the web and mobile app development came as a cyclostyle way of work, the application of Memoriam required a unique approach because the purpose wasn’t core commercial. Here, the app would align with users’ feelings of missing someone who would never come back.

After thorough research on similar or near-to-similar applications throughout the app stores, the concept of the memoriam app was made clear. The designers took up the challenge and started thinking emotionally. Every component that would be placed in UI should touch the sensible feelings of a user and that is how they started thinking of appropriate color shades, emoticons, icons, and other elements on the screen.

The developers sincerely created the mobile app keeping the emotions in mind and tried their best to provide smooth functioning of the components. The application then underwent vigorous testing for quality assurance before it was getting ready with Beta version.  

Customized features

Our designers and developers came up with astounding features exactly the way they were discussed in project scope. In fact, the client was more than happy seeing that the emotional factor and flawless functionalities of the platform justified its primary purpose.

Memorial Pages

Users can create private and public memorial pages. 

Obituary API 

Users can use Obituary API to get information about the demise of a family member or friend. 

Share the Feelings

Every post on the pages can be shared with all social media such as Facebook, X, Instagram etc. 

Exchange of Feelings 

The app has a feature of chat where chat rooms are soothingly designed to help the bereaved bear their loss. The chat rooms include ‘Death of a Loved One,’ ‘Coping with Loss,’ etc. 

Sync Contacts 

The app provided a feature to synchronize contacts with cloud server like WhatsApp.

The result

The client was on pins and needles to see the overall UI and the features’ customization. The primary focus was whether the final product has an emotional touch that serves as condolences to the bereaved friends and families? Dozens of people were asked and taken opinions for the unique features Memoriam application had and they were stunned by the features. All had smiles with wet eyes when they thought about how useful this platform would be for those who want to store the ever-lasting moments and memories they had shared with the divine departed souls.  

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