About Project

Master Control Room Management is a web application designed to manage control room activities and provide reporting and auditing tools that allows pipeline companies to comply with PHMSA regulations.

Master Control Room Management


  • Documentation Management
  • Outage & Change Management
  • Change Management
  • Callout Management
  • PHMSA approved Control Room Management (CRM)
  • Forms with electronic approvals
  • Project Tracker
  • Electronic Log-Book


  • MS SQL Server 12.0, MS SQL Server Express
  • J2EE 8, JTA
  • Hibernate 5.2, Spring MVC 5, Spring Security 5
  • Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash (Deprecated) new version is Adobe Animate CC 2019.1
  • Flexicious Flex DataGrid
  • Flextras
  • Jasper Report 6.8.0
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5, Apache Ant 1.10.7

Important Achievement

Learned Adobe Flash and developed major modules of Application based on it. Changed current application structure with ACL Architecture.

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