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Why Backbone.js Development with WeblineIndia?

At WeblineIndia, we provide an incredible development team that includes significant, cross-industry development knowledge across various domains. We aid businesses in developing suits that fit their organizational desires in addition to their finances. By creating responsive and dynamic websites, all our end-products are appealing to look at, outstanding to navigate and high performance on the aspect of speed and loading time.

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Top Backbone.js Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

Backbone.js Design & Development

To take your business to the next level, we at WeblineIndia provide our client some of the best designs for your website. Our designers are filled with extra-ordinary creativity and talent. You can have them hired from us and see the results for yourself.

Backbone.js Design & Development

We know that the reach of the business can be multiplied exponentially through a mobile app. We at WeblineIndia have some of the best talent that can develop any app according to our client desire and wish. We are right if you are planning to outsource projects.

Mobile Application Development

We at WeblineIndia believe in offering best solutions across industry verticals. Our team of developers provide the best responsive website and web applications to ensure the growth of your business. We put in our best efforts to ensure that.

Interactive and Rich Web Development

Businesses want different solutions and stay ahead of the competition. WeblineIndia makes it work through custom solutions. Our team has the capability to customize the application design and functionality to offer superb interactive experience to the end-users.

Custom Application Development

Developing an application is not the end of the project. We help you go ahead with proper maintenance service. We at WeblineIndia are always available to take care of your business application. We make sure that the website or application works smoothly and efficiently.

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Other Backbone.js Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • Backbone.js cross-platform Development
  • Backbone.js Consulting
  • HTML5 mobile development
  • Backbone.js tablet app development
  • Backbone.js API integration

Hire Backbone.js Developer

Owing to the growing number of created web applications using Backbone.js, dynamic pages have replaced the static net pages at a fast pace. At its center Backbone.js is an implementation of the traditional MVC pattern but, there are some changes from the traditional MVC pattern. WeblineIndia offers amazing Backbone.js development solutions to the clients across the world. We have a team of expert Backbone.js developers who are capable of offering effective solutions. We follow RelyShore℠ development model which makes it easy to opt for our offshore services.

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Why Backbone.js Development?

Using Backbone.js helps you to organize your JavaScript properly into reusable MVC models. This helps them build amazing solutions.

To understand this have a look on the following features of Backbone.js:

Event-Driven Communication

Using the framework like jQuery it is easy to create small and slim web applications. The jQuery declarations and callbacks becomes more complex and distributed as the project grows. The codes becomes hard to read and more cluttered. Backbone.js uses event-driven communication to alleviate this.

Synching with a Back-End

You can easily tie a back-end with Backbone.js models. The framework offers amazing support to RESTful APIs in the models, which can map to RESTful endpoint. Backbone is configured to access read, write and delete operations if the API is designed correctly.

Backbone Conventions

You can introduce common coding style with conventions without having to go for huge set of coding standards. By opting for backbone conventions you will have to less codes. The code becomes more readable and more standardized.

Build on JQuery

Backbone.js uses the power of jQuery in order to carry out internal functionality. Backbone.js uses jQuery where it thinks it will fit well. You can also use the jQuery noConflict() mode either.

Low Barrier of Entry

Backbone helps to separate the request management, content presentation and data handling in the natural way. Compared to other technologies Backbone differs in handling the separation.

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