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Within Budget. No Compromising on Quality. Truly Offshore.

Legacy of 25+ years in offshore software development awaits you. Outsource your enterprise software solution project to our .NET developers for hire. Highly professional, amicable, and certified, our .NET programmers build quality solutions to push your enterprise to the forefront.

  • Highly experienced in Visual Studio & other .NET tools.
  • Native team for the latest .NET version dev.
  • Onboard .NET developers in just 3 business days.
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Offshore .NET Developers for Hire

Go for .NET, one of the timely trusted and tested technology for enterprise-grade software solutions; hire dot net developers offshore from WeblineIndia and we set you free from all the worries of project management so that you can focus on your core business. We have the choicest team of .NET programmers available for startups, SMEs, and large-scale enterprises.

Dotnet developers at WeblineIndia can serve as your tech companion and not merely a team of software programmers. Timely updating and upgrading of Dotnet developers’ knowledge is our routine to ensure that you get the best product, which is scalable and in line with your business objectives in the end.

Offshore Dot Net developers to hire

Kings of ASP.NET, C# & .Net Core

Superior skills to build softwares in ASP, C# and .Net Core.

Domain & Project Wizard

B2B/B2C apps, use of REST-APIs, and industry-specific sense.

Savior Consultants

You don’t hire .NET developers; you hire experts with analytical skills.

Calendar Perfect

On-time delivery and milestone conscious .NET developers for hire.

Service Competency of Our Dot Net Programmers

Our .NET developers are technical powerhouses who strategically craft best-in-class Dot NET web applications. Deep expertise in coding language C# and ASP frameworks make them efficient to build web, mobile, and desktop solutions of any kind and size. Hire .NET developers to have secure, scalable systems with the best database and cloud solutions (Microsoft Azure). Our .NET programmers’ well-rounded skillsets result in project success.

Dedicated .NET Coders

.NET Core Database Management Solutions

Azure Cloud Solutions & Integration

.NET Migration and Maintenance

Native .NET Desktop App Development

.NET Web/Cross-Platform Apps Development

DotNET Microservices

Docker Containerization Deployment

IoT & Embedded Systems

How do Our DotNET Programmers Ensure Code Quality?

When you hire .NET developers from WeblineIndia, we assure you that your project is in the safest hands. This is because every .NET coder on the floor has been trained to perform the best coding practice and check their output timely to avoid any possible escalation later. At the core of our .NET development services lies the guarantee of programming quality and quick development.

Following industry standards in .NET projects is what makes our code a shared language to foster better collaboration. Our .NET developers also perform unit testing to snare bugs earlier; plus, we practice code review methods to guarantee quality. Overall, when you hire offshore .NET developers from WeblineIndia, you are ensured to have focus on consistency, performance, and speed of .NET development.

Best Coding Practices

Our .NET programmers use descriptive variable names and in-code commands to have better maintainability. We also train our teams to maintain comprehensive documentation for every codebase to ensure clarity and ease of future amendments, if any.

Unit Testing

Our programmers integrate the industry-standard tools to automatically run tests on every unit developed. The new code submissions are tested to ensure feedback on code integrity. We also utilize TDD (test-driven development) practice to use certain prewritten & successful codes.

Code Review

For early detection of vulnerabilities, we incorporate automated code scanning tools. Code review practices are completed by taking peer reviews where our .NET programmers are encouraged to have other insights for collaborative enhancement.

Superior Code Metrics

Our remote .NET developers adopt complexity metrics that help them identify complex codes that are difficult to maintain. Special efforts are made to make such programming simple and readable. This helps them improve overall long-term code health.

Save up to 50% of total .NET development cost.

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WeblineIndia .NET Developers Vs. Freelance .NET Developers

We do not deny the existence of talented .NET developers across the world, but working with offshore software development company like WeblineIndia, you have several benefits. When you hire .NET developers from our floor, you are assured of having these experts working in a team environment which means you have access to diverse skillsets and knowledge sharing. It helps in solving any minor to major issues, if any, quickly and more effectively.

.NET development at WeblineIndia is the result of established project management and clear communication along with streamlined workflows which sets you worry free from any internal or external management of .NET product. Additionally, when you hire ASP.NET developers from us, you can easily scale your team size up or down depending on the project requirements.

  • Overall project cost
  • Getting the right resource/talent
  • Onboarding time
  • Recurring/training costs
  • Scaling of team
  • Project failure risk
  • Operational costs
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights)
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model
  • Quality auditor
  • Account manager
  • Project Lead
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication)
  • Post-production support
  • Overall project cost 1x
  • Getting the right resource/talent 1-3 business days
  • Onboarding time 1-3 business days
  • Recurring/training costs 0
  • Scaling of team Possible (1-5 days)
  • Project failure risk Nil
  • Operational costs Nil
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights) Stringent
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model Available
  • Quality auditor Allocated
  • Account manager Allocated
  • Project Lead Allocated
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication) 100%
  • Post-production support 100%
In-House Development
  • Overall project cost 4x
  • Getting the right resource/talent 4-6 weeks
  • Onboarding time 2-6 weeks
  • Recurring/training costs US $5,000-10,000
  • Scaling of team Difficult (4-6 weeks)
  • Project failure risk Low
  • Operational costs High
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights) Stringent
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model Difficult
  • Quality auditor Depends
  • Account manager Depends
  • Project Lead Depends
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication) 100% but a costly affair
  • Post-production support 100% but a costly affair
Hire Freelancers
  • Overall project cost 0.8x
  • Getting the right resource/talent 1-2 weeks
  • Onboarding time 1-2 weeks
  • Recurring/training costs 0
  • Scaling of team Very difficult (2-4 weeks)
  • Project failure risk High
  • Operational costs Nil
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights) Loose
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model Unsure
  • Quality auditor NA
  • Account manager NA
  • Project Lead NA
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication) Unsure
  • Post-production support Unsure

Advantages to Hire .NET App Developers from WeblineIndia

When you choose us as your tech partner, you have these extra advantages due to our in-house .NET app developers available to work exclusively on your project and nothing else. Here are a few considerable points that make our .NET app development experts the best choice over .NET developers from other companies.

Standard .NET codes

We practice industry standard coding practices, easily manageable.

The Right .NET tools

Proper .NET related tools/platforms for quicker and more efficient .NET product.

The Right .NET framework and version

Leveraging the latest versions of .NET and tools to get the best output.

Suitable methodology for SDLC

Agile, Waterfall, or other – one or combination? We get the perfect one for you.

Rigorous QA

Every deliverable undergoes a strict QA check to ensure there is no escalation or hardly any.

Ongoing .NET app maintenance/support

Solid and reliable support to solve any issue and get updates for .NET apps to run smoothly.

WeblineIndia .NET Programmers’ Scope of Expertise

Hire .NET programmers with enhanced capabilities at WeblineIndia. We have the cream of .NET development experts chosen from the best sources available in the market. Our offshore team of Microsoft technologies goes beyond basics as they possess a strong foundation in core .NET framework such as C# and ASP.NET as well as fluent in the latest .NET version and Azure tools.

Hire .NET developers from our floor because they constantly participate in training and knowledge upgrade sessions. Such practices in WeblineIndia keep our software developers stay ahead of the curve to ensure that they can handle any complex project of any size and kind.

 Microsoft ASP .NET Core Logo


High-performing, cross-platform open source built on cloud.

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Logo

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

Build futuristic apps to lead the market and win the trust of end users.

Microsoft .NET WFC Logo

Microsoft .NET WFC

Windows Communication Foundation to build service-focused apps satisfying your project needs.

Windows Azure Logo

Windows Azure

Cloud-based framework leading to improved services and flawless management of your apps.

Umbraco Logo


The best of CMS such as scalability and capabilities to keep your apps robust and smooth functioning.

.NET Entity Framework Logo

.NET Entity Framework

Build a strong bond between database and objects. Assure scalability and functionability of your .NET product.

Flexible Engagement Model to Hire .NET Developers

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, WeblineIndia offers flexible models to hire .NET developers to match your project needs and budget. Whether you prioritize a fixed cost, resource allocation based on time and materials, or a dedicated .NET developer team – we have all it for you.

WeblineIndia's offshore .NET development services focus on delivering quality software solutions while keeping your spending in mind. Choose from fixed-price projects for well-defined .NET product, time and material for ongoing development, and hiring dedicated .NET developers for a full-fledged .NET product outsourcing.

Engagement Model Fixed Cost Time & Material Dedicated
Concept Fixed cost and timeline of a project Pay as you use resources Pick a team of your choice; control it
Billed Once Hourly Monthly
Suitable for Smaller projects Medium-sized projects Medium-sized and Enterprise-grade projects
Scope Fixed Flexible Flexible

Click here for a detailed page on the engagement model to hire developers at WeblineIndia.

Trustworthy Company, Dependable .NET Programmers

We have been serving enterprises of all sizes and kinds worldwide for more than two and a half decades. With more than 800 satisfied clients, we have successfully developed quality solutions for mobile and web technologies customized to specific industry vertical such as healthcare, finance, automotive, real estate, entertainment, retail, and so on.

Hire .NET developers from WeblineIndia, your trusted offshore tech partner to build top-notch mobile and web apps that help you automate internal and external business operations. You can manage all your business processes from handheld devices and desktops.


Code & IP Ownership


Years in IT Industry


Projects Delivered


Team Size & Scalable


Clients Worldwide


Countries Served


Programming Hours

Strict NDA


Satisfaction Rate


On-time Delivery


Business from Repeat Clients


Find quick answers to common questions related to hiring remote .Net developers. Contact us for further assistance.

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What level of .NET expertise do I need for my project?

We have a pool of .NET developers available for hire with a range of experience. We can assess your project needs and suggest the best solution for you. Depending on the software project we may suggest to you the ideal team size and engagement model as it seems fit.

How will you ensure that my software project needs are understood?

Our .NET experts work closely with you to clearly define your software project goals and business vision. When you hire .NET developers from WeblineIndia, you are assured to have the best talent with the best skills and grasping power. Your project objective is always thoroughly explained to each .NET developer.

Can I build my own team of .NET developers?

Absolutely. We have several engagement models to hire .NET developers. Dedicated model is meant to build your own team of remote .NET developers. You can outsource your entire .NET development project to them. They will dedicatedly work only on your project. In a way, you own the resource.

How will you handle project deadlines and deliverables?

Before we kickstart the software project development, everything is clearly defined about your project. When you hire .NET developers from WeblineIndia, you are given the timelines and deliverables. The project manager oversees the software development process to ensure that the deadline is met.

Do I get ongoing support for my .NET project?

We provide ongoing support throughout the project lifecycle and even after project deployment to maintain and continuously upgrade. We establish seamless communication channels to let you know about your project's whereabouts regularly. Nevertheless, you can also opt for post-production support for maintenance of your .NET product. Contact us further to know about the package.

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