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Best PHP Developers for Hire

Remote PHP Developers as Your In-House Team Extension

Outsource full-stack PHP development services for your web development requirements to provide an unparalleled user experience to your end customers. Being a leading PHP development company, we offer the top talent available in the market at the best price. Our remote PHP developers are your in-house extended team.

  • 100% IP Ownership & NDA
  • Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP Expertise
  • End-to-end PHP development
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Best PHP Developers for Hire

Hire PHP Programmers to Elevate Your Business’ Digital Presence

Remote PHP developers at WeblineIndia can help you get astounding web apps that are secure, scalable, and swift. With our PHP development services, you can outsource feature-rich and user-centric web development requirements for myriad purposes such as eCommerce stores, CMS-based web portals, social media networking portals, and many more. Each one on our floor is the best PHP programmer handpicked for their talent and experience in the technologies and adopting business logic in the projects.

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Why Hire PHP Developers for Business Solutions?

PHP technology has been in practice for decades and it is still relevant due to its extensive features and user-centric functionalities. Close to 80% of websites all around the world are running on PHP successfully. You will make the right choice by hiring remote PHP programmers from us because the technology has added advantages to offer to your business solutions. Here are some of the essential benefits of PHP web apps and software development -

Dynamic in Nature

PHP is the best programming language for dynamic and tailored solutions.

Open Source

A server-side scripting language, PHP is open source; hence, low cost.

Robust Frameworks

Laravel, Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter, Symfony and many more – PHP has a bunch of strong frameworks.


PHP goes smoothly with Windows, MAC, Linux, and so on for its flawless compatibility.

Community Support

Backed by a strong and active community, PHP web development remains on top.

Stability & Scalability

Easily handles CRM, CMS, eCommerce, Enterprise solutions with stability; also offers flexibility in features.

Premium Services Offered by our PHP Developers for Hire

WeblineIndia has maintained its position as an offshore PHP development company in US and India with a high reputation. For us, every software project irrespective of its size and budget gets personal attention on the floor. Whether you are a startup or an established MNC, WeblineIndia offers a dedicated PHP programmers team who will work solely on your project and execute it the way you want. Here are some of our premium PHP web development services to satiate your business goal.

Premium Services by PHP Developers for Hire

PHP Web Development

Hire remote developers for front-end and back-end development with database and server management for customized PHP web development.

PHP-based CMS Development

Manage any amount of content with ease. Hire offshore PHP developers to build highly scalable CMS solutions.

eCommerce Website with PHP

We have the best PHP developers with extensive experience in building eCommerce stores to entice, engage, and retain customers.

Custom Module Development

Remote PHP developers at WeblineIndia can tailor your apps for feature enhancement and integrate specific functionalities. Build custom modules now.

Legacy System Maintenance & Migration

Transform your obsolete business systems into contemporary PHP web apps to provide a faster, better, and more engaging UX.

Maintenance of PHP Solutions

Hire a PHP expert to keep an eye on your PHP solutions. Our maintenance service includes regular updates and bug fixes to keep it alive.

Worried about hidden costs and unclear communication while hiring remote PHP developers?

You are at the right place. Our transparent services and predictable pricing ensure a smooth hiring and development process. Avail a risk-free trial.

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Comparative Analysis: Hire PHP Developers at WeblineIndia

WeblineIndia enjoys as a preferred offshore PHP development company in India that offers distinct advantages as compared to in-house development and hiring freelance PHP programmers. Our PHP programmers for hire have terrific tech expertise and are cost-effective too. We deliver innovative PHP solutions that are scalable and customizable specific to your business needs. Here is a comparative analysis of hiring PHP developers as freelancers, in-house development teams, or remote offshore resources from us.

  • Overall project cost
  • Getting the right resource/talent
  • Onboarding time
  • Recurring/training costs
  • Scaling of team
  • Project failure risk
  • Operational costs
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights)
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model
  • Quality auditor
  • Account manager
  • Project Lead
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication)
  • Post-production support
  • Overall project cost 1x
  • Getting the right resource/talent 1-3 business days
  • Onboarding time 1-3 business days
  • Recurring/training costs 0
  • Scaling of team Possible (1-5 days)
  • Project failure risk Nil
  • Operational costs Nil
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights) Stringent
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model Available
  • Quality auditor Allocated
  • Account manager Allocated
  • Project Lead Allocated
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication) 100%
  • Post-production support 100%
In-House Development
  • Overall project cost 4x
  • Getting the right resource/talent 4-6 weeks
  • Onboarding time 2-6 weeks
  • Recurring/training costs US $5,000-10,000
  • Scaling of team Difficult (4-6 weeks)
  • Project failure risk Low
  • Operational costs High
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights) Stringent
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model Difficult
  • Quality auditor Depends
  • Account manager Depends
  • Project Lead Depends
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication) 100% but a costly affair
  • Post-production support 100% but a costly affair
Hire Freelancers
  • Overall project cost 0.8x
  • Getting the right resource/talent 1-2 weeks
  • Onboarding time 1-2 weeks
  • Recurring/training costs 0
  • Scaling of team Very difficult (2-4 weeks)
  • Project failure risk High
  • Operational costs Nil
  • Security measures (NDA/IP rights) Loose
  • Flexible hiring – engagement model Unsure
  • Quality auditor NA
  • Account manager NA
  • Project Lead NA
  • Working ONLY on your project (dedication) Unsure
  • Post-production support Unsure

Flexible Engagement Model to Hire PHP Developers

It is our business transparency and client-centric engagement model to hire developers of all kinds that have made WeblineIndia a preferred offshore web development company to hundreds of clients worldwide, especially from the US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, and other countries.

Our hiring models to engage our offshore PHP developers are pocket friendly. Whether you want to build a small project or want to own a customized enterprise project with complexity, our flexible engagement models helps you choose the best PHP developers at the best prices.

Engagement Model Fixed Cost Time & Material Dedicated
Concept Fixed cost and timeline of a project Pay as you use resources Pick a team of your choice; control it
Billed Once Hourly Monthly
Suitable for Smaller projects Medium-sized projects Medium-sized and Enterprise-grade projects
Scope Fixed Flexible Flexible

Click here for a detailed page on the engagement model to hire developers at WeblineIndia.

Hire PHP Developers from WeblineIndia with Confidence

Hire remote developers for PHP web development from us with confidence. Our vetted professionals assure you with their tech expertise that you can rely on. At WeblineIndia, you can hire a PHP expert and be confident about them working dedicatedly on your project putting their full potential and experience. Following strict NDA and other local security measures, we ensure that when you hire remote developers, it will serve you as an extension of your in-house team with sheer sincerity. Here are some of our mainstays:


Code & IP Ownership


Years in IT Industry


Projects Delivered


Team Size & Scalable


Clients Worldwide


Countries Served


Programming Hours

Strict NDA


Satisfaction Rate


On-time Delivery


Business from Repeat Clients

WeblineIndia provides bespoke mobile and web development services and software solutions to small, medium-sized, and large enterprises in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Juggling too much between growing your core business and hiring PHP developers?

Say goodbye to juggling! Hire reliable remote PHP developers from us so you can focus on running your business."

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Find quick answers to common questions related to hiring remote PHP developers. Contact us for further assistance.

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How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer?

A PHP software development project cost depends on myriad factors and so is the cost range of hiring PHP developers depending on the experience and expertise level. It is difficult to get you a ballpark figure unless we know what your project requirements in terms of complexity, size, and type are. While a single-page website in PHP may cost you less, a full-fledged web portal built on PHP will cost you more. contact us now, discuss your project, and we will be able to get you an estimated cost.

Where can I hire best PHP developer?

You can hire best PHP programmers at WeblineIndia without having any second thoughts. You can simply fill out a form with your requirements and we shall contact you with a relevant engagement model of PHP developers for hire.

How to hire a dedicated PHP developer?

A dedicated PHP developer is available under our Dedicated Engagement Model. Here, you can handpick the best PHP developers on the floor and make your own team. You can then supervise them, and they will work dedicatedly on your project, only yours.

Why hire PHP developers in India is beneficial?

There are ample benefits when you hire PHP developers in India. WeblineIndia is an offshore PHP development company with myriad benefits such as huge savings on costs and infrastructure, best UI/UX services, and unparalleled after-sales support. PHP development costs could be cut by half if you outsourced PHP projects to us.

What PHP development services do you provide?

WeblineIndia enjoys as a best PHP development company offshore with full stack i.e., end-to-end PHP services including PHP consultation, eCommerce development, CMS development, SaaS based products, PHP support and upgrade, and PHP migration etc. We have served more than 40 industry verticals with PHP web development services tailored to specific requirements and flexible project scopes.

How much time does it take to develop PHP web or software solutions?

Just like it is difficult to tell the PHP web development costs, there are no fixed hours, days, or months to finish PHP web apps. A website with minimum features and single-page components may take hardly a few days to a month, a comprehensive super web portal such as eCommerce or CRM may take months and even up to a year depending on the number of features, fineness of web design, and integration of features and functionalities.

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