There seems to be no dearth of applications. Even before you sense a need, a new application is launched to address it. That is the power of mobile apps. We feel like having lost the count of the number of applications that have hit the market already. However, we know for sure that the number would be overwhelming. If you are among those people who look forward to innovative mobile applications, here is a brief account of the top 5 apps, ones that we think will receive high popularity.



For those people who work in the service industry know that receiving and making payments is a hassle. The same applies to firms in the manufacturing industry too. Imagine yourself working in New York, USA for a client in London, UK. Once the work has been completed, you would be confused about the ways in which you can accept payments. This can lead to delays too. VENMO allows you to easily make and receive payments anywhere in the world. You can make payments with your debit card or even via your bank account. There are no additional charges, associated with using this app. Furthermore, its 256-bit encryption retains the security of financial information.



From business world to the world of a good night’s sleep. All of us realize the value of sound sleep, but few of us manage to get it. Extensive work load and stress combine together to affect our sleep and sleeping habits. The Sleep Time app is meant to detect your movements during sleep. This and various other features of the app ensure that you are woken up only when you are in the right sleep cycle.



As the name of this application suggests, this is a fantastic little application to have with you. This app works on the iOS platform, and can perform a variety of tasks. Hence, if you need a calendar, it has it for you. If you need a reminder, it can do that for you. If you want to create a to-do list, it will help you do that. It even helps you build an appointment list. Hence, it comes across as a one shop stop solution for your time management needs.



Do you appreciate the value of being fit? Fitness has turned out to be one of the most sought after topics in the world today. Numerous people are talking about it, and so many of them have taken to different fitness activities. If you are among those people who want to stay fit, the My Fitness Pal app is meant to help you in your endeavor of staying fit. It tracks the calories that you burnt from your workout, the steps that you took in your walk/jog, and even your pulse & heart rates. You can also share your performance with your friends, and see what they have achieved.



Last but not the least, the Instant Party app is meant for all those party animals who need no reason to party. All they need is a venue, some friends, and the rest can be managed. However, don’t you find it difficult to organize a party successfully because of different schedules of friends/family? Here’s how you make it simple. Whenever you need to have a party, you can simply use this app to create an alluring party invite. You can send out information about the venue, time, and your current location to friends/family within seconds. Hence, they have no excuse not to come. Interestingly, this app stores all your contacts to make it simple for you to send invites in the future.

These and many other applications are set to explore the horizon of innovation in the month of April.